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Welcome to The Experimentory: PERISCOPE and our virtual campus! This summer is sure to be full of great experiences as we make memories, meet new people, try new things, and maximize our creativity and character! Our virtual campus is full of great information and new things will be added throughout the program!


Click the icons to learn more about each topic. The sections below include lots of great information about all the details of PERISCOPE. You will access the materials and information for your specific courses and section of Leadership in Community through the button below labeled Canvas. 

Updates & Announcements

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Looking for more activities and a way to get to know DA better? Check out the Virtual Campus Map below! 

Join our first “Sitdown Meal” 7/8/21 @ 10:40 AM EST! See link in Leadership in Community Canvas page.


PERISCOPE staff are smart and curious–just like you! They will guide you through a process of discovery, while allowing you to follow your own unique interests–wherever they may take you.

During the year, our faculty teach at Deerfield Academy and are looking forward to exploring specific topics of their curriculum with PERISCOPE students this summer. Being familiar with all that DA has to offer, they are able to support each student’s ideas to help them become a reality. Along with our teaching faculty, our Advisors will guide students through the Leadership in Community portion of PERISCOPE and connect with a small group of students throughout the program. All of these individuals work closely together to ensure that PERISCOPE will be a summer experience that students won’t soon forget. Below you’ll see the PERISCOPE staff for the 2021 summer. Our teaching  faculty are all current teachers at Deerfield Academy and our Advisors are all Deerfield Academy alumni. Together they bring unique perspective, vast knowledge, and enthusiasm to our program. 

Teaching Faculty

David Payne

"3-D Design: From the Desktop to the City – and Back"

Mr. Payne’s love of architecture started young: he grew up in a quintessential New England small town full of beautiful 18th and 19th century buildings. In time he not only grew an appreciation of how the function and form of individual features become a building and home, but also how individual buildings together constitute a place and a community. In addition to traditional architectural design classes, he teaches AP 3-D Design. His classes place strong value on practical spaces and architecture as a tactile craft–for example, designing a new Academy dorm and learning to draw plans and build models by hand. And with three active boys at home, he is no stranger to change and adventure.

Jamie Frank

"For the Sake of Argument: Exploring Ethical Issues"

After graduating from college with a teaching degree and then attending law school, Ms. Frank practiced law for five years. During that time, she missed the interesting, Socratic conversations of a law school classroom so much that she returned to education in 2013. When she came to Deerfield, Ms. Frank was excited for the opportunity to talk with talented young people about ethical issues in the world around them and how they could be agents for positive change. Ms. Frank lives on campus with her partner and her son, and when she’s not reading the news and listening to political podcasts she loves to garden and to hike in the beautiful hills of the Pioneer Valley.

Ben Bakker

"Wanted: Space Explorers!"

Mr. Bakker grew up watching the stars in his backyard dreaming of going to space.  His love of problem-solving, understanding the universe, and making cool things led him to study physics and then solar engineering.  Since then he has been guiding students to take on amazing projects like building autonomous electric vehicles, in-home automated aquaponic growing systems, or vertical landing model rockets.  Mr. Bakker encourages each of his students to ask questions about how things work, imagine new inventions, and to not be afraid to try to do put their ideas into action.

Catriona Hynds

"Talk the Talk: Speaking and Performing with Confidence"

Ms Hynds was raised in the foothills of the Himalayas. The backdrop of the mountains growing up surely inspired her love of travel which has led to her living and working in many countries. As a professionally trained director, Ms. Hynds brings a unique approach to her theater and acting classes. She encourages students to move out of their comfort zones to maximize their creativity, while having fun at the same time.

Jaime Correa

"Digital Images, Voices, and Sounds"

Mr. Correa fell under the spell of the lonely, wandering cowboys on the silver screen at an early age. In time, his interests expanded from the individual stories to how they were told through words and images. These fascinations led to degrees in Film and Television, and then Film Studies and Cultural Studies. His interest in music and songwriting is more personal passion than formal education. He studies classical guitar in his free time and finds songwriting a new incarnation of his love of poetry. His Experimentory classes are a fusion of all these creative and academic pursuits. He loves cultivating his students’ visual, poetic, and musical literacy.


Leadership in Community-Section 1

Stephanie Oyolu

Deerfield ’18—Occidental College

Max Wuchenich

Deerfield ’21—Georgetown University

Leadership in Community-Section 2

Ricardo Gonzalez

Deerfield ’19—Connecticut College

Nasir Barnes

Deerfield ’21—Morehouse College

Leadership in Community-Section 3

Mary Blake Zeron

Deerfield ’21—Hamilton College

Nikhil Barnes

Deerfield ’21—Howard University


Just because you aren’t physically on Deerfield’s campus doesn’t mean you can’t explore it as if you were! The two maps below will help you learn more about some of the programs that are offered at Deerfield Academy, provide some asynchronous activities to help you engage with different areas around campus, and tour our physical spaces!

Virtual Campus Map

The virtual campus map below offers a great opportunity to explore a variety of different areas around campus. Use this map to learn more about the different programs available to students at Deerfield Academy and engage with the different asynchronous activities throughout the different areas on campus. To explore the map simply zoom in and click on the different markers. You can also click the box below to see the full list of virtual campus offerings.

360° Campus Tour

The map below offers a 360° tour of the interior of many buildings on our campus. Walk the halls as if you were here in person and take all that DA has to offer!


Staying true to the Experimentory mission, PERISCOPE courses approach subjects in fresh and exciting ways and are project based, creative, and experiential in nature. A mix of group collaboration, independent work, and field studies fosters teamwork across time zones and embraces a diversity of perspectives. The virtual platform will provide an opportunity to teach students new skills and prepare them for collaboration in a rapidly changing and interconnected world.

What subjects? What ways? We love to try new things—which means the Experimentory changes from year-to-year as we play and experiment. The following are the course offerings for the 2021 summer! 

Talk the Talk: Speaking and Performing with Confidence

Have you ever been nervous to speak in front of a crowd? Are you queasy at just the thought of reading in class or performing publicly? Or, are you a seasoned speaker/performer looking to perfect your craft? In all cases, this is the class for you! Public speaking is a critical life skill, and in this class you will learn techniques and tips to help you gain confidence and win over your audience. Ensemble building and improvisation will form the bedrock of our time together, because once you are comfortable with your peers you are sure to reach your full potential! We will then dive into short speeches and performing scenes from established playwrights. Your self-confidence will soar during our time together, and you will never again hesitate to take full advantage of an opportunity to perform.

For the Sake of Argument: Exploring Ethical Issues

The most interesting ethical questions are the ones in which important values come into tension.  What is the right thing to do when exercising individual freedom conflicts with protecting the vulnerable?  When security interests suggest revealing private information?  When granting mercy in a compelling case would mean making an exception to a clear and important civic standard?  In this course, students will learn how to support claims with evidence and reasoning, engage in respectful ‘arguments to enlighten,’ and sharpen debate skills. In our classroom community, arguments aren’t fights: they’re how we critically examine our beliefs and values and thereby grow as individuals. 

3-D Design: From the Desktop to the City – and Back

Combining elements of 3-D Design, Architecture, and Urban Design, students in this course will experience the iterative process and learn about basic principles common to all design endeavors. Using the 3-D design program SketchUp, students will design several unique objects at different scales, learning how to incorporate important concepts like form and color to build their projects from a basic concept into a complex 3-dimensional form. Projects will include designing a desktop object based on a building of the student’s choice, translating that object into a skyscraper, and transforming the urban environment around the skyscraper to react to it. While each project will be completed individually, students will work collaboratively as their ideas progress from concept to the finished products.

Digital Images, Voices, and Sounds

 Our contemporary media landscape is saturated with audiovisual messages: we live in a world of screens, headphones, and loudspeakers that constitute the backdrop to our everyday experiences. Why should we content ourselves with the role of passive spectators and listeners when we can become creators? In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of audiovisual digital content creation in the area of your choosing: filmmaking, podcasting, or songwriting. Through a hands-on collaborative approach that imitates the practices of the contemporary film and music industries, students will work on a wide range of projects from start to finish. By experimenting and playing, you will learn the basic creative and technical skills needed to express your thoughts, emotions, and ideas through videos, podcasts, and songs.

Wanted: Space Explorers!

 Since people have looked to the stars and dreamt of travelling to them, we have needed problem solvers and makers.  How will we get off the ground and launch ourselves into space? How will we get to the Moon, to Mars, or beyond?  How will we live out there away from Earth? And when trouble happens, who is going to imagine new ideas and new ways of putting things together? This course will feature hands-on team challenges that will force you to think on your feet and collaborate with others. Join us as we embark on an interplanetary journey of discovery and invention while we learn about the frontiers of space that will be explored in your lifetime.  It’s the next age of discovery and an adventure waiting for you to join it.



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