Open Door Meditation

Students, Faculty, and Staff,

I am pleased to invite you to join the Open Door Meditation Sessions, led by me, Dr. Jackson, a psychologist with a background as a former Buddhist monk and meditation researcher. This class offers an inclusive and supportive space for everyone in our school community to relax, reflect, and cultivate a positive mindset. Meditation is a peaceful retreat from daily stress and a beneficial practice for mental well-being. It has been proven to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders. Additionally, it enhances concentration and memory and fosters attributes like compassion and contentment.

Our session structure is simple:
• A brief five-minute check-in to connect and share how we’re doing.
• A focused 15-25 minute meditation session to guide us into a state of calm.
• A meaningful 5-15 minute discussion on integrating these practices into our everyday lives.

I encourage you to join us on this journey toward inner peace and personal growth. This is a chance to pause, breathe, and enrich our personal and school experiences together. I look forward to your participation and the positive atmosphere it will bring to our community.

When: Friday, May 17, during Community Time
Where: Boyden Library in Room 108