Important Academic Information for Students

This post has important information and reminders about the Class Schedule for the 2022-2023 school year, class day bells, the Academic Affairs Office Handbook, course schedules, and course change requests, so please read it carefully and refer back to it when you have questions.

The Class Schedule for 2022-2023
The Class Schedule can be found online here. The Class Schedule Calendar (located on the Class Schedule page, as well as on the Student Bulletin) reminds you what periods to go to on what days and details any Special Class Schedules. This calendar ensures you arrive at the correct class, at the correct time, and on the correct day, so please check this calendar daily. Frequently asked questions about this year’s Class Schedule can be found online here—if you are a new Deerfield student, this document may be particularly useful to you in understanding the alternating day schedule.

Special Class Schedule During Opening Days
We will follow a Special Class Schedule during Opening Days. The schedule is available on the Class Schedule Calendar and on the Opening Days Calendar

Class Day Bells
This school year, we will continue the use of bells during the class day. Bells ring at different times throughout the class day for different purposes to help students and faculty stay on time. Bells will sound for the following reasons:
• As a reminder that the class day is about to begin, a reminder bell will sound 5 minutes before the class day begins (generally at 8:25 am)
• To signal the start of a period
• To signal the end of a period
• As a reminder a period is about to begin after a break between classes (Community Time, Lunch, School Meeting, etc.), a reminder bell will sound five minutes before the next period of the class day begins.

Academic Affairs Office Handbook
The Academic Affairs Office Handbook for 2022-2023 can be found online on the Academic Affairs Office webpage. This handbook has information about classroom policies, requests to miss classes, class attendance policies (20% Rule), grading, academic support, and more. Please spend some time reading through it and “bookmark” the webpage to refer to in the future.

Course Schedules and Course Change Requests
All students received an email from Ms. Donnally Drake on August 16 when student course schedules were posted on DAinfo. As we approach the first day of classes, please take a moment to review your course schedule if you haven’t yet done so.

Should you wish to request a course change, our course change request policy and process can be viewed online here. Please remember that students may submit course change request forms on their own August 17-30 using the link on the Daily Bulletin Forms page. After August 30, students must work with their advisor or teacher to submit the course change request form. Please remember, you must go to the classes listed on DAinfo even if you have submitted a course change request.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Ms. White in the Academic Affairs Office with any questions!