United Kingdom #3: Ancient European Art and Outdoor Sketching

Isabella Ordonez ’24 and Sophia Wolbach ’23, recount a day exploring ancient European art and outdoor sketching in Soho Square.

The streets were full and the buses were packed, yet the day was long, and the walks even longer. We started early with breakfast at the hotel, then traveled by taxi to the Tate Britain, where our lovely tour guide, Jackie, awaited us. As we walked through the halls, we experienced J.M.W. Turner’s amazing collection of work that surrounded us. After wandering the museum a bit, we headed outside to the garden for lunch, where we were met by many pigeons and a snail, which we named Snailee. We then stepped on the bus to head to the National Gallery, where we saw several centuries of European art including works by Michelangelo and Da Vinci.

Needing energy after a lot of walking, we made our way to Foyle’s, a seven story book store, where we got drinks at the café and perused the selection of novels. Then, we went to the bustling Soho Square, where we were challenged to draw passerby’s without them noticing. We then ate delicious bibimbap for dinner at a local restaurant near the park, and after our long day, one of our peers, Emma, got to navigate us back to our hotel. We headed straight for bed, tired and ready for an invigorating day tomorrow!