Jordan #5: Jordanian Treats and The Dead Sea

Max Peh ’23 an Theo Lewis ’24, describe the many delicious Jordanian treats the group has enjoyed and a great visit to the Dead Sea.


After a restful night of sleep at the Ajloun forest reserve, we had a hearty breakfast. We enjoyed a delightful meal of hummus, bread, cucumber, eggs, and tea. Then we headed towards the nearby biscuit shop. We learned about traditional Jordanian biscuits which are made during times of festivity. We worked together to mix and bake our own batch of biscuits. We also went to the soap shop, where there were a plethora of traditional Jordanian soaps made out of olive oil, coconut, black seed and various other ingredients, picking up some nice souvenirs along the way. Afterwards we headed for the big site of the day, the Dead Sea. The ride was smooth and joyous at first; Lukenine and friends enjoyed a game of Jordanian Monopoly and there was great energy in the bus all around. Along the way we stopped at a watermelon stand and enjoyed some بطيخ (watermelon) , which was extremely cool and refreshing. The owners of the watermelon stand demonstrated pure Jordanian hospitality, constantly replenishing our supply of fruit, reminding me once again the kindness of the Jordanian people.


After our treat, we were able to continue the journey to the Dead Sea. As we neared our destination, the pressure continued to increase as the elevation decreased. We checked into our hotel and headed down to the Dead Sea. Along the way, many of us stopped for food at the cafes and restaurants.

The view of the Dead Sea was spectacular. The water extended far into the distance, reflecting the cloudless sky. We could even see the eastern mountains in Israel. The warm sand on our feet was comforting at first, but eventually became a little too hot. Many of us tiptoed down to the water, trying to prevent our feet from touching the sand as much as possible. Eventually, we reached the water. We were 420 meters below sea level, making it the lowest point on Earth. There were pots of clay-like mud lining the beach, which many of us put on our skin. We slowly descended into the salty, misty water. Hesitantly, we leaned back, pleasantly surprised when the water kept us afloat.

The rest of the day was spent splitting time between the resort pools and the sea, as the faculty trip leaders enjoyed a well- deserved massage. The day ended watching the sun set over the Dead Sea. We then enjoyed a delicious dinner of Jordanian food. My favorite part of the meal was the mango mousse cake that I enjoyed for dessert.

Tomorrow, we plan to wake up early and head to Petra.