United Kingdom #14: Gratitude

Trip leader Mercedes Taylor shares a final reflection of her time in the United Kingdom.

It is hard to put into a few words the experience of our Art Immersion trip. There are so many highlights! However, what stays with me is our students’ engagement, creativity, kindness to each other, and laughs.

I am grateful for the team of trip leaders, the passionate tour guides who inspired us to look at Art in different ways, and a lively group of students that embraced learning, exploration, and new challenges after months of school. I am grateful for the support from Deerfield’s Center for Service and Global Citizenship and their role in making us think intentionally about our responsibilities as travelers.

Finally, I sincerely appreciate the families for supporting their children to deepen their understanding and connection to Art.
I hope the experiences of this trip reverberate for years, and the question: What is Art?, and What does it mean to be a Citizen of the World? Remain open for endless exploration.