The Bahamas #2: First Day Adventures!

Melissa Chun ’24 & Charlotte McIntosh ’23 share the groups first day adventures including a memorable snorkeling experience.

Today we went on many adventures. Our favorite was going snorkeling through the mangroves in Paine’s Creek. First, we learned about the red, black and white mangroves. Red mangroves are called red mangroves because when their roots get wet, they turn a dark red color that can sometimes change the color of stand still water however, most of these mangroves thrive and exist in brackish waters. After learning about each type of mangrove we then put on our masks and hit the sand!

Although the water was not very deep, each Deerfield student super-manned their way down the creek and discovered the colorful and exotic fish that conceal themselves within the mangroves. We discovered that the little fish are protected by the mangroves because of the small and tight spaces that they can hide in. Thanks to Bianka and her dad for the mask defogger so that we could see these fish clear as day! Ian even saw three whole pufferfish and was the only one to discover a juvenile lemon shark!!! Melissa went on an adventurous bike ride with Mr. Emerson and didn’t fall once! Sam P. woke up with a funny reaction to the score of the Rangers and the Lighting game. Fife and Charlotte chilled in a gazebo and Fife flaunted her b-ball skills to the group, while Charlotte spectated! Sam O, Mia, Elizabeth, Stella, and Emily navigated a superb four-mile bike ride with Ms. Valk in their exploration time! It was an action packed first day with so many more adventures on the horizon!!!!!!