The Deerfield Fall Playwriting Workshop Presents: Staged Readings

Join the students of Deerfield’s Playwriting Workshop, a subset of the Theatre Co-Curricular, in a presentation of their work on Nov. 13 and 14 at 6:45 pm in the Concert Hall. Night One (Nov. 13) will feature works written by Heidi Nam, Chelsea Davis, and Justin Ahn. Night Two (Nov. 14) will feature works written by Aly Gonzalez and Will Sussbauer. Each night of performances will last about an hour and twenty minutes. No tickets are required! Read more about the featured plays and scenes below.

Safe Outside by Heidi Nam: Safe Outside shows a tense conversation between a daughter who wants to go outside to see her mother and friends who wants desperately for her daughter to stay home. This piece is set in South Korea in 2020 during the height of COVID.

We’re Okay by Chelsea Davis: On a sunny California day with wedding bells ringing in the air, a dark cloud looms over Barry and Kevin. We’re Okay is a play that explores the nuances that come with breaking up. Can you ever truly forgive someone that hurt you?

Nobel by Justin Ahn: Alfred Nobel was a man of contradictions—why would an explosives manufacturer donate a Peace Prize? His close friend Bertha von Suttner described him as “understanding everything and hoping for nothing.” Come watch Alfred’s life spin beyond his control in this true tale of ambition at its most hollow.

How I’ve Missed You by Aly Gonzalez: How I’ve Missed You is an abstract, comedic drama that explores the nuances surrounding love, life, and death. Content Warning: Self-harm.

Oh, I Suppose: A Tragicomedy In One Act by Will Sussbauer: Oh, I Suppose is a story that explores two relationships in simultaneity, with one between two 70-year-old men on vacation in modern-day Paris, and the other between young men in a hospital waiting-room of 1996. Exploration and absurdity abound in these seemingly disparate existences, separated by age and time period, but there is far more beneath the surface.