Academic Support Pro-Tip: Managing Bigger Assignments

Having a difficult time wrapping your head around how to make progress on bigger assignments and projects? Break them into chunks!

  • Think about all the steps that are needed to complete the project. If you’re writing an essay this could include things like: gathering evidence, making an outline, constructing a thesis, proofreading. For projects, you might need to do some research, schedule time with a classmate (if a group project), organize your ideas, and finalize a presentation.
  • Once you’ve mapped out all the parts, think about how long each step might take. If you can attack one or two steps a night, then you’ll make small progress in a way that keeps you on-track and might help you feel less overwhelmed.
  • Schedule out each step backwards from the deadline. Give yourself a day or two between when the assignment is due and when you want to have a complete draft. This will allow you to proofread, check for any missing components, and let your brain take a break so you can return to it fresh before you submit!