Summer CSGC Grant Update: Providing Meals in The California Bay Area

This summer, I plan on addressing the issue of food waste and food insecurity in my hometown. The majority of restaurants and cafes throw away excess food that can no longer be sold, when really with the right resources, this food can help support the hungry. That is why this summer I plan to partner with restaurants and cafes to pick up surplus food and deliver it to my local food bank. The food restaurants typically see as waste can be used to support the hungry while giving my local restaurants the opportunity to serve our community.

The steps I have taken to begin this project are small, but so far I have written the letter I will deliver to the restaurants describing my plan and proposal for a partnership. I am currently out of town, but once I am back home, I will give various restaurants my proposal letter and work out ideal pickup times. I’m planning to schedule a couple pick up times a week for one month. I want to constantly provide meals rather than just once.

I am super grateful that this CSGC summer grant has provided me the opportunity to help the hungry in my community. Food insecurity is a topic I am really passionate about, so it is amazing that I can devote part of my summer to help redistribute food in an effective way.

-Kate Stenger ’22