Summer CSGC Grant Update: Lacrosse The Nation’s #BringBackLax Campaign

What is LtN? LtN (Lacrosse the Nations) is a nonprofit organization that uses lacrosse as a platform to promote education, teach life skills and create opportunities for disadvantaged youth in Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia and the U.S.

Through LtN’s programs, children from various communities in Latin America have learned valuable life skills such as teamwork, respect, leadership and goal setting. However, these programs have been temporarily halted due to COVID-19 and lack of resources.

It is our moral responsibility as engaged global citizens at Deerfield to make sure these programs continue to be an essential part of these communities for years to come, especially during hard times of COVID-19.

With the help of the CSGC and Mr. Howe, I am in the process of making a meaningful and impactful contribution in my local community this summer by generously purchasing new uniforms and apparel as well as donating gently used Deerfield lacrosse equipment such as jerseys, gloves, masks, and other types of athletic equipment.

This gear is currently being shipped from Deerfield to Nicaragua and will hopefully arrive in the coming weeks or even days.

I’d like to thank the CSGC, Mr. Howe and the rest of the Deerfield community for letting me partake in this amazing opportunity. I know it will mean a lot!

-Nando Traversari ’22


December 2020 Christmas Drive for LtN Nicaragua.