Heads Up Competition THIS SPRING

Heads Up Deerfield seeks to raise awareness about the effects of social media on our teenage lives. Through weekly meetings open to the entire Deerfield student community featuring guest speakers and/or student presentations, the group looks to educate our community on how to reduce social media use, thus reducing its effects. If we learn responsibly and collectively about the multitude of issues revolving around social media, we become responsible, aware consumers of content on various platforms. With that, we can eliminate elements of toxicity and unhealthy norms from our social media circles, and develop our own informed filters relative to our consumption of news and opinions on social media platforms, among other things.

To make sure that students on campus listen to our mission and want to spread awareness we will be hosting a competition. During the Spring Term, the squad that manages to spend the least amount of time on their device will be awarded a prize every week and then an overall winner will be announced at the end of the term. Smaller prizes include feeds, Amazon gift cards, Deerfield merch, and spike ball nets. The overall prize will be something along the lines of a private party with food as the river! So get excited and stay off your phone. We will be sending out more information soon! Also please email for more information about the club!