Important Schedule Information for Spring Term

For Spring Term, we will follow the same Daily Schedule that we followed for Winter Term. Please see below for a reminder about how to determine your Spring Term schedule, including finding your first period course’s start time.

A Reminder about How to Determine Your Schedule
The Daily Schedule document details the timing of the academic day. First period courses have been assigned a group – either River or Valley – like they were in the winter. Second period courses do not have an assigned group because all of these courses will meet at the same time, as they did in the winter
• Please use the “Assigned Groups” document to determine your first period course’s morning group. The document is sorted alphabetically by course title. Once you find your course’s group, you can look at the Daily Schedule to find the start time assigned to your group to determine your schedule.

The First Four Weeks of Spring Term
The “First Four Weeks” document has the visual representation of the schedules outlined below. Like anything in the COVID-era, these schedules are subject to change; we will keep you informed of any changes if they arise.

March 29, 2021 through April 2, 2021 (all students off-campus, remote learning)
For the first week of classes, when students are off-campus and learning remotely, we will follow our Daily Schedule with the following modifications:
o Monday’s Y-Block will be a recommended Department Meeting/Clubs and Alliances time
o Tuesday’s & Thursday’s Y-Block will be Faculty Meeting/Clubs & Alliances
o Friday’s Y-Block will be a recommended Advisory Meeting time

April 5, 2021 through April 9, 2021 (students on-campus, remote learning)
For the second week of classes, when students are on-campus and learning remotely, we will follow the Daily Schedule.

April 12, 2021 through April 16, 2021 (students on-campus, transition to in-person learning on Monday)
On Monday, we plan to begin in-person learning, and we will follow the Daily Schedule.

April 19, 2021 through April 23, 2021 (students on-campus, in-person learning)
We will follow the Daily Schedule.

Please reach out to Ms. White with any questions.