Deerfield Fall Playwriting Workshop Presents: Staged Readings

Come enjoy the hard work of the Deerfield Fall Playwriting Workshop! These students have been spending all term writing the first draft of their plays and are now ready to share them with the Deerfield community. The readings will be followed by a feedback session with the playwright.

Monday, November 15 @3:30pm in the Blackbox Theater: Them* by Will Sussbauer
Tuesday, November 16 @3:30pm in the Blackbox Theater: Just Us Three** by Heidi Nam
Wednesday, November 17 @3:30pm in the Blackbox Theater: Not Even You*** by Chelsea Davis
Thursday, November 18 @3:30pm in the Blackbox Theater: Closed In**** by Aly Gonzalez

*Content warning: corporal punishment, anxiety, suicide, depression. Them is a play about what is sacrificed to make great art and the relationships people form that keep us together.

**Content warning: alcoholism, swearing, domestic abuse, verbal/physical abuse. In Just Us Three, members of a four-person, dysfunctional family navigate their way through the inevitable breakup of their family.

***Content warning: domestic abuse, swearing, murder. Not Even You is about a love sick girl who goes to extreme lengths to keep her best friend by her side. Things get dark as insanity ensues.

****Content warning: swearing. Closed In, a thriller play, is best described as a mix of Coraline, Monster House, and the horror genre that we all know and love.