DA Manis: Meeting in Hess Lobby

Hi everyone,

Thank you for signing up for the DA Manis Club!

We are so excited to announce that our first meeting will be on October 29 during Community Time in the Hess Lobby. All are welcome to join! There is no need to bring any supplies or have any experience in painting nails. Everyone is welcome to enjoy a moment of tranquility together along with simple manicures! We will provide a variety of colors for nail polishes (jaunty ones as well as nude colors), as well as supplies to trim, cut, and shape your nails.

For people who are not familiar with DA Manis, DA Manis will encourage self-care through the simple act of painting nails in an inclusive space. Self-care is not a weakness, instead, it is a strength!

Again, if you are interested in self-care and beautiful, well-manicured hands, please show up! Looking forward to seeing everyone there.