Reusable Water Bottle Contest!

The CSGC and EcoReps are so excited to announce our first (of hopefully many) Sustainability Challenge!

Starting today, during some meals, and running till Tuesday, members of both the CSGC and EcoReps will be stationed inside the entrance of the dining hall with a QR code. If you bring your reusable water bottle rather than taking a plastic water bottle, this person will allow you to scan the QR code and get a point for your hall.

The hall with the highest average number of points on Wednesday will get a feed of their choosing!

Plastic water bottles are harmful for several reasons. First, the plastic used to make these bottles can contain BPA that, at certain exposure levels, can be harmful to humans and may even cause cancer. Second, plastics can end up in waterways and the ocean and can end up seriously harming ecosystems. The United States uses 1500 plastic bottles every second. The majority of these plastic bottles cannot even be recycled. Finally, the production and transportation of plastic water bottles involves huge amounts of fossil fuels which can contribute to global warming.

Please feel free to reach out to Kevin or Katrina at if you have any questions or concerns.

We are so excited about Deerfield’s ability to positively impact the environment!

Good luck with the contest!
Thank you so much,
The EcoReps and the CSGC