AP Calculus BC

This course follows the Advanced Placement BC syllabus, which incorporates an introduction to the derivative and the integral with their applications and work in infinite

AP Statistics

This course follows the Advanced Placement Statistics syllabus, which introduces students to the major concepts and tools for collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data.

Acc Algebra and Precalculus

This course is intended for students who have demonstrated an interest in pursuing additional mathematics courses at Deerfield but have found themselves unable to achieve

Algebra I-101

This is a course in first year algebra with emphasis on such topics as the properties of the real number system, solving first degree sentences

Algebra I-102

This course is designed for a student who has already studied some or much of the material that is covered in a typical first year

Precalculus & Statistics

This course is intended as a follow-up to Algebra II or an equivalent course. It is designed to complete the study of the elementary functions


This course is a follow up to Math 302 and as such continues the development of functions and relations. The course includes a thorough study

Honors Precalculus

This course is designed as a continuation of Math 303. The topics covered in this accelerated course include all those listed under Math 402 but

Honors Algebra II

This course is an enriched version of Math 302 and is designed for the well-qualified student. The course develops the same material as Math 302