Special Topics

Special Topics is designed for students who have completed the math curriculum, including Linear Algebra and Multivariable Calculus, and are looking to delve more deeply

Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra begins with the concept of systems of linear equations. From this foundation, Linear Algebra uses the mathematical objects and operations derived from vectors


This course offers an introduction to the derivative and the integral and their applications. The pace of this course allows for some review of precalculus

Acc Algebra and Precalculus

This course is intended for students who have earned credits in Algebra I and Geometry only by the end of their sophomore year. In addition,

Honors Precalculus

This course is designed as a continuation of MAT309. The topics covered in this honors course include all those listed under MAT405 but the pace

Honors Algebra II

The course follows the same material as MAT305 but in greater depth. Students in this class are frequently asked to solve non-routine problems and to

Algebra II A

This course is intended for students who have had success in MAT105 and MAT205 or the equivalent. The course material is developed with an emphasis

Algebra II

This course meets the standards of a second year algebra course, and is designed for students whose background indicates a need for a review of

Geometry A

This course integrates material from both plane and solid geometry. However, the development of the material requires extensive use of the skills and concepts already


This course is designed for students who would benefit from significant reinforcement of topics from Algebra I as they pertain to geometric problems. The emphasis

Algebra IA

This course is designed for a student who has already studied some or much of the material that is covered in a typical first year

Algebra I

This is a course in first year algebra with emphasis on such topics as the properties of the real number system, solving first degree sentences