Winter Awards Announced

This morning the Deerfield community gathered for School Meeting to recognize and celebrate the winter sport award winners from all the winter teams. Athletic Director, Mr. Howe, opened the ceremony with his “Winter Top 10” in poem form.

Winter Top 10

This winter, my first, in the lands of the Doors

Still gauging the rivalry between us and those Wild Boars

One indicator of our term and these numbers sound great

The DA teams outplayed those Choate teams by a score of 15-8!

So we start our top 10 sharing this impressive stat.

Now everyone in this room had something to do with that.

At point #9 way back in December

Boys hockey won the Flood Marr Tournament, a feat we’ll all long remember.

Girls hockey deserves their place on the Top 10 List too

They get the 8th spot for their 10-3 late season surge and for

finding out all they could do!

At #7 I pause to applaud what UConn Women’s basketball coach recently said;

He said, “Don’t be cool, and always try to put your teammates ahead.

Finding enthusiastic kids is harder than it has ever been.

When you focus on teammates and sportsmanship you already have a formula to win.”

Taking the #6 spot are all our sub-varsity teams and the job they’ve done

Their combined 80-47 record is proof of hard work, grit, and ability to have fun.

At #5 Henry Hayden deserves recognition for being a Class A wrestling winner

Also, in his corner, Griffin Thomas has been his mentor ever since Henry was a beginner.

The big news of the winter comes in at #4.

DeLisser, Chai, and Munn lead Girls squash to a New England Championship with a near perfect score.

It should also be known that our entire squash program has six teams in all

Their combined record this winter was 44-16 with a reputation that’s tall.

#3 goes to our hoops teams so exciting and fun

Our girls beat up on Choate in the end…were they really seeded #1??

Lights out Mannix scoring against Hotchkiss at will

Kaleb’s buzzer beater against Andover provided a campus wide thrill!

At #2 we have 2 second place New England Tournament finishes to share

Girls Swimming & Diving and Boys Alpine Skiing both had seasons of great flare

Whether it was flying in frigid air or churning waves inside

Our opponents continually looked for good places to hide.

The #1 spot will be shared by two performances that need some press

They both have team play and that Deerfield Spirit I guess

Ashley Chang is a swimmer who gave her team a huge lift

She swam while not feeling her best and could have said “no”

The one point she earned gave her team the #2 spot over Choate. The greatest team gift.

Then last but not least was Coach Kelly’s request for support with the JV Basketball team

They’re playing Loomis Chaffee and will likely get creamed

He said, ” Last year they beat us 61-10

This year, that same team wouldn’t win again.

The good guys would win today by a fairly big score

The final was DA 36 – Loomis 20 and our faithful fans stayed throughout wanting more!

As we head into our spring and the temperatures continue to rise

Don’t let things bother you like the rain and the black flies

What we have done so far this year was to hold our standards high

Team effort, grit and believing in others gives us the ability to reach for the sky

And now Seniors, help us make this season our best, as you prepare to say goodbye


A complete list of award winners can be found here:

Boys JV Basketball    

Most Valuable Player – Nolan Zusi

Girls JV Basketball     

Most Valuable Player – Vera Menafee

Most Improved Players – Valerie Ma & Samara Cummings

Boys Thirds Basketball  

Most Improved Player – Sim Bethel

Boys JV Hockey   

Most Valuable Player – Andrew Peck

Girls JV Hockey 

Most Improved Player – Annabel Gerber

Boys JV Squash    

Most Valuable Player – Vishawn Green

Girls JV Squash      

Most Improved Player – Cassie Deshong

Boys Thirds Squash 

Most Improved Player – Elliott Flagg & Alex Smith

Girls Thirds Squash  

Most Improved Player – Janis Chen & Alya Abd-Aziz

JV Swimming

Most Improved Swimmer – Cynthia Lugo

Most Valuable Swimmer – Jiwon Shin

Boys Varsity Basketball      

Deerfield Basketball Trophy (MVP) – Jackson Mannix

Most Improved Player – Colman Shea

Girls Varsity Basketball       

Most Valuable Player – Felicia Renelus

The Keller-Birrell Award – Megan Graves

Boys Varsity Hockey

The Deerfield Hockey Cup – Justin Marler

7th Player Award – Justin Masella

Girls Varsity Hockey

Most Valuable Player – Meghan Halloran

7th Player Award – Elizabeth Wenners

Boys & Girls Varsity Skiing  

The J. Scott Kelnberger ’79 Award – Sevrin Sarachek

The Doug Parker Trophy – Griffin Sarachek

The Arthur H. Ruggles Jr. ’33 Ski Award – Marie Cuda

The Philip H. Ball Jr. Ski Trophy – Alexandra Edwards

Best Skier/Brooke Gonzales ’97 Cup – Valerie Hetherington

Boys Varsity Squash

Deerfield Squash Racquets Trophy – Daniel Finnegan

Girls Varsity Squash

Bayne Bowl – Madeleine Chai

Boys Varsity Swimming & Diving  

The Noel Stace Challenge Cup – William Hrabchak

The John A. Pigeon Award – Robert Meyer

Girls Varsity Swimming & Diving 

Most Valuable Swimmer – Nikita Pelletier

The Coaches’ Award – Elizabeth Uhl & Eleanor Koschik

Varsity Wrestling      

Deerfield Wrestling Trophy – Griffin Thomas

Congratulations to all the winter teams and award winners!