AP Studio Art – Drawing

This course involves concentrated study in drawing and follows the Advanced Placement syllabus. The fall begins with a review of fundamental technique and includes design

Topics: Post AP Studio Art

This course is intended for the student who desires to pursue visual arts beyond the Advanced Placement Drawing syllabus. The primary focus is on studio

Topics Tutorial (Post AP)

This advanced course is for students who have completed the drawing/painting curriculum including the AP level and “Topics in Contemporary Art.” Students will continue to

Intro to Architecture

This course will introduce students to major movements and themes in architecture, significant architects and buildings throughout history, as well as contemporary architectural issues. Utilizing

Topics in Art History

Exploring history through works of art offers an approach for understanding our global community and is an effective way to review significant events from a

AP Studio Art – Photography

This course expands on the one-term Photography course, with continued emphasis on the history of photography, the formal elements and principles of design, and creative

Intro to Studio Art

Anyone can learn how to draw! This course is intended to be a first experience in the visual arts. Students will be introduced to the

3-D Design

With an examination of basic design concepts, projects in this course are focused on experiencing the creative and iterative process. Students will develop solutions to