Intro to Urban Design

This course consists of a study of the forms of cities throughout history, both built and unbuilt. Through readings, discussions, and drawings, the design of

Advanced Architecture

This class consists of advanced work for students who have completed two terms of Architectural Design and/or Architectural Drawing. A spring term project of the

Digital Filmmaking

We will create ambitious video projects while taking inspiration from the history of filmmaking and its latest innovations. Storytelling through film will be our focus.

Intro to Art History

Selecting movements from prehistory to the present, works of art are examined in the context of their era’s dominant ideas, political events, economic factors, and

Art of Architectural Drawing

Drawing is the primary method by which architects communicate their design ideas, but the drawings themselves are frequently overlooked as works of art. Principles and

Architectural Design

Students receive instruction in architectural design, drafting, planning, and materials and construction methods based on the principles of classical architecture. Plan, section and elevation drawings


This course offers an opportunity to investigate the formal elements of both digital and film photography, while exploring the potential for creative expression and visual