Basketball, Boys: Thirds

# Name Class  Position Hometown
3 Raheme Taylor 2020 Bronx, NY
4 Sam Laur 2020 Wendell, MA
10 Seth Thayumanavan 2020 Amherst, MA
12 Sim Bethel 2020 Eleuthera 00002, Bahamas
14 Henry Renelus 2020 Valley Stream, NY
20 Darrel Dartey 2020 Bronx, NY
22 Joshua Fang 2019 Hopkinton, MA
23 Rian Bogle 2019 Bronx, NY
24 Carter Hampson 2020 Amherst, MA
25 Howard Cao 2019 Shanghai 200063, China
30 Dylan Bane 2020 San Francisco, CA
32 Donnie Sparks 2018 Providence, RI
Caio Paiva Oliveira 2020 Manager New York, NY
  • Paul Secker is in his 7th season coaching in the Deerfield basketball program, six of those years with the thirds boys basketball team, and one year with the JV team. Paul has coached (as head and assistant) high school boys and girls basketball at the varsity, junior varsity and sub-junior varsity level. He also coached the University of California women’s club basketball team. In other sports, Paul coached as an assistant for the University of California and Stanford University Men’s Lacrosse teams and has coached boys lacrosse at the high school level as well. He has been an assistant coach for varsity boys and girls volleyball, and has coached soccer goalies at the high school level.