Exploring Culture, Language and Context

For nine days, a group of students will have the opportunity to encounter Jordan through an increased awareness of place and culture. Students will explore the physical landscape of Jordan as well as the way in which the place has been captured in  theology, history, and art, among other sources. Students will deepen their appreciation for Jordan’s rich culture and history, through visiting the main sights, while enriching their senses through middle eastern food, cooking classes, calligraphy workshops and more. Although it won’t be in session, King’s Academy will be hosting the group at the start and end of the trip.


Program Notes

  • Families are responsible for transportation from U.S.-based airport to the student’s destination for the remainder of the summer break.
  • During this trip, students will stay in dorms while at King’s Academy, and hotels, inns, and lodges during their travels around Jordan. They will have meals in the dining hall at King’s, but also eat in restaurants.
  • This trip conflicts with the June 4 SAT

Program Dates

May 31 – June 9, 2022 

Program Eligibility

This program is open to current 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students with a preference towards those with a demonstrated interest in one or more of the following: Arabic language and culture, and history of the Middle East. All interested students are encouraged to apply by March 27. Financial aid is available to all qualifying students.

Faculty Trip Leaders

  • Lina Al Samawi; Justin Romick; Sam Leitermann-Long

Approx. Trip Cost: $3,550 (*includes estimated round trip airfare from NY based airport)

Deerfield Academy’s Center for Service and Global Citizenship is committed to running all of our travel programs at cost with overhead expenses subsidized by the Academy.

Helpful links

2022 Itinerary

* This itinerary is subject to change.

Day 1: Orientation and Travel day; arrive in Jordan and settle at King’s Academy

Day 2: Exploring Downtown Amman, Arabic breakfast and sweets, Roman amphitheaters and the Citadel, Cooking class

Day 3-4: Visit Ajloun castle, soap house, biscuit house and overnight at Ajloun Forest Reserve Cabins

Day 5-7: Visit Mount Nebo, overnight at the Dead Sea, Visit Petra and camp at Wadi Rum

Day 8: Art Scene in Amman, Calligraphy Workshop, homemade meal at Ms. Samawi’s house

Day 9: Travel Back

** Families are responsible for transportation from U.S.-based airport to the student’s final destination at the end of the trip.

Notes From The Field

Jordan 2018

Jordan #10: Stargazing

Khalyse Benjamin ’21 and Matthew Popkin ’19 describe their final days in Jordan visiting the ancient ruins of Petra and the Wadi Rum desert.

Jordan 2018

Jordan #9: Life is Good

Michael Shalaby (’20) shares his experience in Aqaba with reflections of the impact of his time in Jordan. 

Jordan 2018

Jordan #8: The Human Story is a Mosaic

Erin Hudson (’18) reflects on the power of place, the impact of her travel experience and the evolution of her thought processes since being on the trip.  

Jordan 2018

Jordan #7: A Splash from the Past

Helen Feng (2020) and Gabriella Hu (2021) reflect on their experience at the river Jordan and the connections between spirituality and place.