C.I.T. Program Application

Our CIT (Counselor-in-Training) program invites dedicated sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds to apply to join our annual cohort of camper-leaders. CITs assist DASAC staff with the operations of camp, including the teaching of classes and facilitation of Focus projects. Our goal is to help CITs grow as leaders and artists—both individually and as part of the CIT cohort.

The CIT program is a six-week commitment, spanning both sessions of camp. In addition to their daily attendance at camp, CITs attend a one-day training prior to the start of camp, and have several dedicated after hours events just for them across the summer.  All applicants must be sixteen or seventeen years olds to apply. Previous experience at DASAC is not required.

As we return to campus in 2022, we want to to invite both newly-eligible candidates as well as those that were eligible to apply in 2021 to become CITs this summer. For families/campers that are interested in applying, please contact the director, John Bechtold, at jbechtold@deerfield.edu.