Rules and Expectations


This student Handbook serves an articulation of Deerfield’s core values: honesty, respect, and concern for others. These three school values inform every rule found in the pages ahead; they should guide our behavior and the decisions we make each day.

The purpose of this Handbook is to make our rules clear, to cultivate the day-to-day habits of doing good, and to have the accumulation of those habits form and sustain a caring, ethical, and inclusive community. That is who and what we strive to be at Deerfield.

Finally, this Handbook is a learning tool. Mistakes are a natural and necessary part of growing up, and our Handbook aims to support that growth with clarity and compassion and with an emphasis on personal responsibility.

Importantly, this 2021-2022 edition of the Handbook benefits from the Discipline Review Task Force’s year-long study of our disciplinary process. That important project, initiated by Dr. Austin in August 2020 as part of the Action Plan to Strengthen Equity, Inclusion, and Campus Culture, yielded a range of important changes, and you’ll see evidence of them throughout the Handbook.

If you have any questions about this handbook or its contents, please stop by the Student Life Office; we’d welcome a conversation with you.

Amie Wilmer Creagh
Assistant Head of School for Student Life