Summer CSGC Grant Update: International Secondary Student Economic Summit

Currently, it is difficult for high school students to explore interest and form connections within the economic field since most teaching on this topic only start in college. In light of this, and also the increasing need of communication between people of diverse backgrounds, John W ’26, Rob ’26, friends from other schools, and I have decided to found the International Secondary Student Economic Summit.

The overview of the event is as follows: students (currently from the U.S., New Zealand, China, and Korea) make presentations and turn them in to us; we forward these to economic professors or professionals for feedback; at the summit itself around the 20th, we will share select presentations and hold discussions on them.

As of now, the due date for the submissions is high and they are rolling in steadily while we are forwarding submissions to professors that have similar fields of interest. We’ve gotten 11 submissions so far and are probably going to get at least fifteen and hopefully twenty. We’re also working with professors to settle on a date that could hopefully allow us to have some professors at the summit, while also pressing out the final and exact details for it. It should be a very exciting and informative experience.

-Marco ’26