Colombia #8: Salento to Cartagena

Thayer ’24, reflects on the meaning of letting go.

The verb of the day on Tuesday was soltar, meaning, to let go. Tuesday was a travel day that marked the end of our time in Salento, and the beginning of our time here in Cartagena. Our day began all together as usual, with breakfast and card games. Some of us went to the top of the mirador to see the vista from Salento one more time, and others went into town for the last time.

As we headed to the airport, Jerónimo and Luisa María gave our word, soltar, and spoke to us about the different ways of letting go; how it is a natural part of life and how, sometimes, letting go is an exercise in self-centering and peacefulness. They also related it to our breathing and together we all practiced taking some deep breaths so we could slow down more and enjoy the moment. Personally, I found this to be perfectly timed as I was very sad to be leaving Salento. 

We had all been enjoying our time in Salento, and remembering that it was okay to let go of it so that we could fully experience all that Cartagena has to offer, made leaving easier. Later that night, once we had arrived in Cartagena, we walked around for a while, taking in the ocean and the walls around the old city before enjoying a dinner together. Overall, it was a busy but peaceful day that made us all reflect on the trip.