Summer CSGC Grant Update: Project Learn

Throughout the month of August, we ran a science program at the Sunderland Public Library for elementary-aged kids. Our program contained four sessions, with topics including weight and density, optics, kinetics, microscopy, and biology. Each session was about 1.5 hours, and the kids were kept fully engaged with both interactive presentations and experiments. The goal of these sessions was not only to teach certain topics, but to cultivate an interest in science beyond the program.

For each session, we created a slideshow with teaching points and exploratory questions, bought and organized our materials, made a lesson plan, and finally had a list of instructions so kids could repeat the experiments if they wanted.

We are excited to hopefully continue our project throughout the school year and expand its impact!

– Giorgia Santore ’24, Nainika Lebaka ’24, Nikhil Lebaka ’24