Summer CSGC Grant Update: Keeping Track of Our Carbon Foot Print

This summer, I have started a personal project in creating an application that calculates our carbon dioxide emission. My goal for this application is to show people how their daily activities – such as using electricity, driving a car, or disposing of waste – affects the Earth’s natural system.

I began refining my vision of this application at the end of June, after I attended a summer program on entrepreneurship. Before, I thought that creating an app is all about coding (which I have little experience on). However, there is much more to that: design, customer acquisition, market research, etc. With this knowledge, I narrowed my focus down to students’ activities, so that they can visualize the consequences of their personal lifestyle in a boarding school like DA.

In July, I reached out to a freelancer willing to help to create my application. I started designing its layout and collected data for the carbon calculation formula. None of this was set in stone yet and subject to many changes as I make progress in my research, and the data was difficult to acquire and verify its accuracy. By August, I confirmed the functions of the app, and the freelancer confirmed the production of it is possible. Thus, my main priority is to create a working model of the application and produce an IPO on the mobile device (possibly apple store) by the end of this year.

Admittedly, creating an app consists of a very long process and what I did this summer was just the beginning. Therefore, I aim to work on this project during the next school year and hope to bring it to the Deerfield community.

-Green Guo ’24