Summer CSGC Grant Update: Embracing Cultural Diversity

We live in a time full of challenges, division, and social stratification. During this time, it is especially important that we stick together.

Two years back, amidst the ravages of the pandemic and the drama over the tragic death of George Floyd, Hopkinton Cultural Council of my town organized a mural project. The goal was to unite us while also celebrating what makes us different. The task was for local artists to paint a mural on wood fences leading up to EMC park, a popular place for kids. I participated in this project, along with some of my friends who are passionate about the arts. We completed together a mural representing east Asian culture which was named “Heritage”. The mural depicts a little girl who is receiving a red packet from her grandma. In the background, there is a large colorful Chinese dragon representing the passing of culture. The mural project was well received by Hopkinton residents as it demonstrates our town’s embrace of cultural diversities. I am also very happy to contribute to the project with my skills in art.

Over time, our mural has been worn out by the weather. Even after I reapplied a UV protection layer last summer, the mural is in need of a makeover.

This summer, not only do I plan on repainting and renovating the old piece, I also plan on painting a brand new mural. Adding on to the chain of culture and diversity, I would like the new mural to be about the Hispanic (more specifically, Mexican) culture. Attached is my digital design of the mural. Represented in the mural is an Ofrenda, a colorful home altar made for the holiday Day of The Dead. This mural shows a unique way in which people commemorate the dead. Through the mural I will be able to show the people of my town a different perspective and culture.

Using the funding provided by the CSGC, I have purchased all the materials needed, including primer, brushes, paints, and a pallet. I have also applied a base layer of primer to the fence so it is ready to be painted when I return home. I plan on doing the bulk of my project during August.

I look forward to working more on this project!

-Kayleen Tang ’25