Faculty Gotcha Sign Ups

If you are a faculty member interested in playing Gotcha this spring please email ddelreal22@deerfield.edu in order to sign up. The rules and game Expectations of Gotcha can be found below.

The first round of will begin Sunday April 3rd at the conclusion of Sit-down dinner and will run until the start of sit-down dinner on Sunday April 10. At the end of each week you will receive a email with your new starting target for the next week.
*Please note-the game will pause during revisit days*

The objective:
Find your assigned target and eliminate them by saying “gotcha!”
*If someone other than your target hears you say gotcha the get is invalid.*

You must get one person out a week (Sunday to Sunday) in order to stay in the game, you will be automatically eliminated if you fail to get your target in that time.
Safe Zones (aka you CANNOT be eliminated in them): anytime you are in YOUR dorm (you are NOT safe in a dorm that is not your own), academic buildings DURING classes (transitions from class to class are fair game), during co-curriculars including in the locker rooms/dressing rooms, during sit-down meals including the pre-sitdown lobby congregation, and during school meeting. To be clear, on the pathways, in the greer, walkthrough meals, the library not during classes, etc. are all fair game to eliminate someone.
After you get your target you must immediately email ddelreal22@deerfield.edu in order to confirm your get. When you eliminate your target, they should tell you who they had and you will now be targeting that person.

Can you get more than one person out a week?
Yes, let’s say you are person A and your target is person B. If you get person B you should send an email to ddelreal22@deerfield.edu and let me know about your get. Person B should also tell you who their target, person C, is immediately after they are eliminated.

What happens if someone hears me say gotcha?
If someone hears you say gotcha the get is invalid. So be careful when you chose to eliminate your target, the element of surprise is key.

What should I do if a get is disputed?
Gotcha is a game that runs on the honor code, if you hear person A say “gotcha” to person B, say: “Hey, I heard that!” to save person B from elimination. However, please DO NOT LIE and say you heard the gotcha to save a peer. If a get is disputed and can’t be resolved, please email ddelreal22@deerfield.edu and we will resolve the issue.

If you have any other questions about the game please feel free to ask the returning faculty.

Happy Hunting!