Summer CSGC Grant Update: Youth Advisory for Civic and Financial Growth

During the summer, Alioune Dia ’22 and I wanted to find a way to help out other students around our age or younger in underprivileged areas of our community (New York City). We figured we would initially focus on the financial and civic parts of the project. We wanted to spread awareness about different financial and political topics in New York City, especially with the mayoral election ongoing. We designed pamphlets and printed 200 copies to distribute to different community centers near the Bronx. We also have digital versions of the pamphlets that we will continue to distribute.

We are trying to build a community of students who could join us in future presentations, pamphlet updates, and discussions of topics regarding social, political, or economic issues in New York City or other cities. We are trying to recruit students who would help us in the project in hosting these discussions and join us . We are continuing to gather more students who are interested in participating in our program and we will continue to expand our program to help and reach out to more students.

-Zhexuan Li ’23