Summer CSGC Grant Update: Examining How Developing Countries Have Protected Our Environment Through Their Judicial Systems

While the environmental movement is always changing as scientists unveil new findings, one aspect remains constant: how environmental efforts from developing countries are often overlooked. This past winter I read an article about a Pakistani High Court case that ruled to prevent construction near the Ravi river, one of Pakistan’s major rivers. The ruling prioritized the cleanliness of the river’s banks and water over corporations and profit. The article was the first time I had read about a developing country taking major steps to protect the environment through their legislation. After researching a bit more I discovered that many developing nations have stepped up in the environmental movement, and despite the lack of recognition, have done much more than many developed nations. These findings inspired me to dig deeper as a summer project.

This summer the CSGC funded my project to research and develop a report on how developing countries have taken action to preserve the environment through various court cases. My goal is to share my findings with others, beginning with the Deerfield community through a short video or article as well as a report. I would like to spread knowledge on an overlooked aspect of the environmental movement in an attempt to encourage others to take more action and help out with the movement.

I would like to thank the CSGC for funding this project and I am excited to share my research soon.

– Zeyna Ilahi ’22