Register for the New England Youth Identity Summit

The Fifth Annual New England Youth Identity Summit features a keynote speaker and panel discussion as well workshops such as:

  • Reform the Narrative: Youth Activism in Times of Quarantine
  • A Guide to Healthy Masculinity
  • Let Youth Lead the Way: How to Be an Adult Ally in Intergenerational Spaces
  • Youth Lead the Way: Moving From Punishment to Restorative Justice
  • Tweets, Slander, Action! Ethics in Emerging/Social Media
  • Slavery, the 13th Amendment, and Prisons Today
  • Managing Sexism in Day-to-Day Life
  • Voluntourism vs. Exploitation: What Does Ethical Service Look Like?
  • LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Within the Classroom
  • How Does Equity and Racial Justice Look to You?
  • And many more!

Registration closes on Sunday, April 4, so sign up today.