OICL Leadership Opportunities! Some Applications due April 5!

At Deerfield we currently have ten alliances and one affinity space. You can apply to serve as a leader for an alliance by completing this application by April 5. You may be invited to participate in an interview with current alliance leaders and advisors as part of the application process.

The Criteria of Selection are:
• Demonstrated engagement as an ally or affinity member
• Demonstrated record of service as a leader
• Organized and good communication skills
• Others as decided by each alliance

If there is an identity that you feel is not currently represented within our current alliances, you can also propose a new alliance using the same application (due April 5).

The final leadership opportunity is to apply to be a Cultural Competency Advocate.

CCA’s are responsible for raising awareness of and educating our community on cultural competency skills and attitudes. They are trusted figures of support and education, especially for our newer students. Requirements for this particular group is to be able to attend and deliver trainings each term, and be role models for inclusion efforts across campus. Applications to be a CCA are due April 26.