’55er Potpourri

  Nancy and Carl Hedden added their own touch to the Shepherd’s Pie recipe featured in the previous (Fall 2016) issue of the Deerfield Magazine.

Miramar Air Show

Tim Day, his family and friends, were hosted by Col. Robert B. Sofge, selected for promotion to Brigadier General, and BGen Kevin J. Killea at

’55er Potpourri

  Hello classmates. This note and those submitted after October 1, 2016 and before January 1, 2017, will be printed in the Spring 2017 edition

Joseph Verner Reed, Jr.

Our esteemed classmate, Ambassador Joseph V. Reed, Jr., passed away at age 78 on Sept. 29, 2016. He was a long time resident of Greenwich,

The Eighth Wonder (Part Two)

.. The photos are: 1. “Brrrr”, a glacier at Glacier Bay National Park. The skilled Danish captain was able to position our large ship breathtakingly

The Eighth Wonder

  Merry and I completed a Bucket List trip to our 49th state in early September — Alaska truly is the 8th Wonder of the

Charles R. (Chuck) Parsons

Our classmate, Charles R. (Chuck) Parsons passed away unexpectedly on August 8, 2016, due to lingering health issues. Chuck attended Deerfield from 1953-55, and graduated

’55er Potpourri

I find that each issue of the Deerfield Magazine is excellent cover-to-cover reading. Kudos to the editors who put together the articles and pictorial gems.