His Majesty King Abdullah bin Hussein ’80 Wins Templeton Prize

The John Templeton Foundation has awarded its annual prize to His Majesty King Abdullah bin Hussein ’80. The Templeton Prize honors a living person who has “made an exceptional contribution to affirming life’s spiritual dimension, whether through insight, discovery, or practical works.” The foundation praised Abdullah for doing “more to seek religious harmony within Islam and between Islam and other religions than any other living political leader.”

The prize will be presented to the King at a Nov. 13 ceremony in Washington, DC. Previous recipients include the 14th Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mother Teresa, and the Rev. Billy Graham.

Nailah Barnes ’18 and Fatima Rashid ’19 Win Peacemaker Awards

Congratulations to Nailah Barnes ’18 and Fatima Rashid ’19 who received Peacemaker Awards for their inspiring community service efforts.
Nailah founded “The Brains with Beauty Project” to empower young black women and girls through two parts – “The Salon Initiative,” which places empowering books in hair salons, and “The One-Stop Initiative,” an online platform that pairs literacy and beauty tips.
Fatima has been working and volunteering in the substance abuse prevention field for almost seven years. During her sophomore year at Deerfield Academy, Fatima founded the Deerfield Substance Abuse Awareness Group (DSAAG) on campus.

Deerfield Students Plan Advocacy Initiatives around School Walkout Day

Deerfield students have planned a series of advocacy initiatives around National School Walkout Day today. Including voter registration training, speeches and other forms of protest and advocacy. The events of the day are entirely student led. We celebrate our students’ desire to advocate for issues they are passionate about and encourage them to debate productively, listen to understand, advocate skillfully, and have their voices heard.

Can Science Still Save the Northern White Rhino?

Sudan, the world’s last male northern white rhino, died in Kenya on Monday. He is survived by the last remaining female white rhinos—Najin and Fatu—at Ol Pejeta Conservancy. 

“Thomas Hildebrandt, head of reproduction management at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research in Berlin, has been working for years to perfect in-vitro fertilization on the related and plentiful southern white in the hopes of harvesting eggs from one of the two remaining females. Neither of them is physically able to carry a calf, but should Hildebrandt successfully harvest their eggs, he can fertilize them with northern white sperm—taken from Sudan and three other deceased males—and implant the embryos in southern white surrogates. Calves could even arrive after the final two members of the species have died, which would mean an extinct species had been completely reborn with a scientific assist.”

March 8: International Women’s Day

Read about seven “truly remarkable women, from a 101-year-old runner from India to a Yemeni refugee who didn’t let war stop her from being a

Deerfield Alumna Libby Leist ’97 Named Executive Producer of the Today Show

From the New York Times: “NBC said on Wednesday that Don Nash, the show’s executive producer since 2012, would leave and would be succeeded by Libby Leist, a veteran “Today” producer with deep ties to Washington and a strong working relationship with Savannah Guthrie, a co-anchor. The move makes Ms. Leist the first woman to hold the top producing job for the show’s first two hours.”