Understanding the Holocaust

The Nazi regime relied on long-standing strains of anti-Semitism as well as newer racial ideologies to gather support for their purposeful and highly systematic attempt

History of Opium

Heroin, “Oxy,” fentanyl, carfentanil. These drug names, along with names of pharmaceutical companies set to pay billions in fines and civil liability, punctuate news stories

Introduction to Psychology

Would you rather go through life unable to remember, or unable to forget? What happens to a person if they are raised alone in a

Film Studies

This course analyzes and critiques classic and contemporary cinema from around the world. We shall examine basic elements of film production, comparative filmmaking styles and

Health Seminar II

This health course expands on the 9th grade introductory class and deepens students’ understanding of mental health, mental illness, and healthy relationships. Through classroom presentations


How is today’s music put together? What path does music take from the time it leaves the creator until it arrives in your ear .

Intro to Architecture

This course will introduce students to major movements and themes in architecture, significant architects and buildings throughout history, as well as contemporary architectural issues. Utilizing

Intro to Studio Art

Anyone can learn how to draw! This course is intended to be a first experience in the visual arts. Students will be introduced to the

The American Musical

Few artistic genres are more uniquely “American” than the Broadway musical. This course examines American musical theatre and organizes our exploration around recurrent themes from

Advanced Acting

This elective is for students who have an interest in a more in-depth study of theater. In addition to honing performance skills, students will explore

Advanced Architecture

This class consists of advanced work for students who have completed two terms of Architectural Design and/or Architectural Drawing. A spring term project of the