Proof & Persuasion

How can you be more persuasive when speaking or writing? What are some common mistakes people make when they are arguing, and how can you

Inside Out

Coming to Terms With Climate Change. This course will use non-fiction, fiction, poetry and documentary film to establish an understanding of the origins and implications

Exploring the Cosmos

This single-term course explores the origin, evolution and fate of our Universe, the rules that govern it, the methods by which we observe it and

Immunology and Disease

This course will begin with an in-depth look at the structure and function of the immune system. We will then consider the mechanisms of different

Web Design

In this course students learn how to make static and dynamic web pages. Through a series of individual and team-based design projects students learn to

Introduction to Engineering

Introduction to Engineering is a project-based course where students solve real-world problems while learning process skills such as project management and technical skills such as

Rel. of the World – Dharmic

The course explores the expression and idea of religion throughout our world and what the world’s religions attempt to explain. Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, all

Ethics of Artificial Intel.

Self-Driving Cars, the Metaverse, Siri and AlexaÖ Roombas! Artificial Intelligence (AI) is seemingly all around us. But what is AI? How does it work now,

Seeing Society

“Who are we? How did we get here? Where are we headed?” When scholars ask these questions about American society, the answers can take the


Justice. Equality. Dignity. Freedom. Responsibility. In Ethics, students explore these and other key ethical concepts. In this class, we will practice skillful use of clear,

AP Calculus BC – Spr term

This course follows the Advanced Placement BC syllabus, which incorporates an introduction to the derivative and the integral with their applications and work in infinite

Span 6H: Spanish Speaking Film

This is a film appreciation course conducted in Spanish. It allows our most advanced students to get acquainted with the grammar of cinema and with