AP Calculus BC – Spr term

This course follows the Advanced Placement BC syllabus, which incorporates an introduction to the derivative and the integral with their applications and work in infinite

Span 6H: Spanish Speaking Film

This is a film appreciation course conducted in Spanish. It allows our most advanced students to get acquainted with the grammar of cinema and with

Spanish Language Theater

This course introduces students to key principles of drama and theatrical performance in Spanish. It is an opportunity to learn about theatrical traditions of Spanish-speaking

Eat Like A Roman

Perhaps you have studied what the Romans wrote, read, and accomplished, but have you ever wondered what they ate? This seminar course, conducted in English,

Spanish 5: Adv. Topics in Span

In this spring term course, students will continue with their study of Spanish language and culture at the same time that they prepare for the

Proof & Persuasion

How can you be more persuasive when speaking or writing? What are some common mistakes people make when they are arguing, and how can you

Enquete culturelle

Students in this single-term elective will explore a specific topic of French and Francophone culture. Centered around a case-study of a specific literary, cinematic, musical,

History of Climate Change

Scientists have done heroic work detecting and explaining global climate change and modeling the possible climatic futures ahead of us. But climate change is not

Moot Court: U.S. Consitution

From the extent of our privacy to the limits on the powers of government to the meaning of equality, the United States Supreme Court is

Environmental Justice

Why do pollution crises like the one that struck Flint, Michigan, in 2014 happen most often in places with majority Latinx and African American populations?

Exploring Race and Racism

What is race? What is racism? How did the concept of race emerge and (how) has the understanding of what race means changed over time?

Sport in Society

Sports act as a mirror that reflects who we were, who we are, and who we want to be. This class prepares students to be