Latin 3: Intro to Latin Lit.

A continuation of Latin 200, Latin 300 likewise takes a reading based, immersive approach to Latin vocabulary, morphology, and syntax, using Hans Ørberg’s Lingua Latina

Advanced Tutorial in Greek

Advanced Tutorial may be offered to students who, in consultation with the department and with its endorsement, wish to design an individualized course in Greek

Seminar: Sanskrit & Indian Lit

This course is designed for students interested in the history, literature, and legacy of ancient India. Beginning with the Sanskrit language—its rudiments, extent, and influence—we


“Silence is God’s first language; everything else is a poor translation.” Thomas Keating, DA ’40 At times, silence can communicate expression and thought clearly; at

Mind, Meaning and Reality

This one-term course examines a wide range of philosophical questions and problems, drawing on both classical and contemporary readings. Students will be exposed to a

The Philosophy of Happiness

This course will examine a range of questions about the nature of happiness. What is happiness, and why does it matter? Is it the main

Introduction to Psychology

Would you rather go through life unable to remember, or unable to forget? What happens to a person if they are raised alone in a

Politics & Science of Memory

There may be nothing more important to human beings than our ability to enshrine experience and recall it. While philosophers and poets have elevated memory

Campaigns & Elections

As the United States heads into its midterm elections, this course will put the headlines of the news cycle in historical perspective and challenge students

Understanding the Holocaust

The Nazi regime relied on long standing strains of anti Semitism as well as newer racial ideologies to gather support for their purposeful and highly

History of Opium

Heroin, “Oxy,” fentanyl, carfentanil. These drug names, along with names of pharmaceutical companies set to pay billions in fines and civil liability, punctuate news stories

Moot Court: US Constitution

From the extent of our privacy to the limits on the powers of government to the meaning of equality, the United States Supreme Court is