Voices & Visions of Justice

Envisioning the demands of equitable societies and developing their distinctive, expressive voices as writers and thinkers, ninth graders explore familiar and unfamiliar lives and dilemmas

Off the Shelf: A Tutorial

The tutorial approach to learning is a very old method of education that allows students to explore ideas on their own terms. For this class,

Lost in Translation

Everyone is translating all the time. By starting from this premise—that we are all translators, regardless of our fluency or lack thereof in other languages—students

Defining Literary Traditions

Tenth-grade English emphasizes critical reading, focused discussions and a variety of writing assignments connected to the study of literature derived from the British tradition. These

Matters of Perspective

Starting with Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon, the classic Japanese film told in multiple viewpoints, students will begin to consider the way writers and artists manipulate personal,

The Craft of College Writing

This one-term course offers seniors an opportunity to strengthen their academic writing before they head off to college. The course is designed not only to

American Dreams

The American Dream is a familiar phrase, but what does it mean? Whose dream is it? Is there just one dream for all Americans? How

American Echoes

Carl Sagan once declared, “Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people who never knew each other, citizens of distant epochs.” What

The Art of Political Argument

Since the introduction of moveable type to Europe in 1450, political argument has been the common currency of public debate and democratic citizenship. Many of

River and Rock

Here in the Pioneer Valley, the dark greens of late summer transition to a rich panoply of color as temperatures shift from hot and humid

American Understandings

We typically arrive at new understanding through our own experience. And so in this course we will explore the many ways writers across the American

Honors Economics

In the first half of the year, students are introduced to microeconomic theory through the study of such concepts as supply and demand, the law