Spring 2023 Athletic Awards

In the final Wednesday School Meeting of the 2022-2023 school year, the Deerfield community gathered to celebrate our spring co-curriculars and their many achievements.

Mr. Howe announced the sub-varsity and varsity award winners for the spring 2023 season. Following, the senior athletic award recipients were announced and last but-not-least Mr. Howe’s Top-10 Poem was brought to life by several students through the below video.

Spring 2023 Top-Ten

Welcome to another edition of the Spring Term’s TOP TEN! As predicted, time has flown and here we are already again!

But this year is special – an outstanding year from A to Z. And we owe much of this to the great class of 2023.

Our teams, actors, dancers, artists and musicians have given our community so much to be proud for. It’s these memories of great moments, and friends made, that will make for a lasting encore.

So, each Spring I get help putting my thoughts and words on screen. I’ve recruited great talent and now you’ll see what I mean.

Starting us off at number Ten is a sophomore that has played with six teams! He’s the kind of teammate coaches have in their dreams.

Football, Hockey, and Baseball – time spent on both the varsity and JV list. Nick Gerard does it all and is the definition of persist!

Now at nine, How about Kiera Austen and Payton Wierl’s freshman years! Between them both – 6 varsity letters – they deserve big cheers!

These two help lead so many up and coming young athletes who will now carry our teams, but have yet to be fully seen. Deerfield teams will continue to stay strong – Let’s go BIG GREEN!

Two weeks have passed by since we all heard Jackson Collin’s orchestra piece. Incredible talent – and our respect for him is on the increase.

Here is a person who runs, wrestles and creates art and we can all agree that composition was great! I am proud to present to him a spot at number eight.

We want a big shout out to a new addition to our team. Coach McMahon works with us and our coaches continuing a lengthy winning theme.

Hey! We have one too! Coach Fischer is amazing and she’s come in and worked hard with our crew. Next year come across the road and watch for yourselves just what we can do.

At seven, we appreciate you both for working hard with us. You make us better and have our backs even when we fuss!

At six, two more students make the list that do amazing things. No balls, or helmets, or other accolades, and I doubt either of them sings.

Just this; Thomas Harrick won a world title for speaking impromptu. And Isabelle Schwartz created a non-profit 501(c) company and all I can say is “who knew”?!!

We have so much talent that so often goes overlooked. Hearing these stories makes me love this place and that’s how one gets hooked.

Two teams share a spot at position number five. Ultimate and water polo have had winning seasons and kept their playoff chances alive. Water polo has been strong led by seniors Lohrer, Stearns, Zneimer, and Antero all season long. Among the best in New England the team has proved they belong.

Outside on the grass, deep in the south division, is where Ultimate hones their skills. They go there when it’s cold and wet, working through any pain and chills. Here are the senior leaders of this group that has made this sport fun and has made the team so great!

Jerry Huang, Zhexuon Li, Kass Gifford, Alejandro Simon, Jeff Wang, Forest Gao, Lilly Lin, and Sunshine Chen. Thanks for leading the way and getting more to participate.

This spring, the number 4 for boys lacrosse became a big deal. On March 25 Coach Davis notched his 400th coaching win, an amazing record we feel.

Four is also the number of a team member with strong program family ties. We’ve had 10 years of fun with 3 Rockefeller guys!

At Number 3, it’s baseball making the League tournament for the second year in a row. Senior captains Pete Shea and Ryan McHugh have helped this team to grow.

With wins over Exeter, Dexter, Cushing and more, this group had the talent and hot bats to score.

Our hats off to the pitching staff that kept opponents runs low. Because of them we even saw a few smiles coming from Coach DeMartino.

So, for numbers 1 & 2, Mr. Howe doesn’t quite know what to do. Championship runs for both track & Rowing programs can’t be denied. The suspense has been killing us – we’re getting tired and fried!

Whatever the results are we are proud of these 4 teams. Championship seasons come with luck, commitment and character to pull in such lofty dreams.

To the seniors and PGs in both programs – too many to list here just now – You’ve represented this school, your classmates and shown us all just how.

Whether running the fastest, tossing the disc, or rowing the boat, we want you all to know that we think every one of you is the GOAT!

A special shoutout to this year’s Penn Relay Champions:

The 4 x 100 meter boys – Jackson Rose, Brady Stahelski, Christian Reavis, and Triston Ward

The 4 x 400 meter girls – Campbell Fealy, Alexis Miller, Josephine Louis, and Kaelin Creagh


Spring Sub-Varsity Awards 2023

Most Improved Player – Kevin Gonzalez

Most Improved Golfer – Keith Gagnon

Most Valuable Player – Cole Rorick

Most Improved Player – Ava Giroux
Most Valuable Player – Mia Goetzke                     

The Novice Award – Pierce Lapham

The Novice Award – Holly Bernstein

Most Valuable Player – Francis Andersons

Most Improved Player – Ava Carvel
Most Valuable Player – Jing Wang

Spring Varsity Awards 2023

Arthur S. Williams, Jr. Baseball Trophy  – Ryan W. McHugh & Stephen R. Souder
The Arthur S. Williams Baseball Trophy is awarded to that player on the Varsity Baseball team who, in the opinion of the coaches, has displayed competitive spirit and devotion to the game, and whose unselfish efforts on behalf of the team best exemplify those characteristics of Art Williams, coach of baseball at Deerfield from 1938-1970.

Reverend G. Richard McKelvey Spirit Award – Tom C. Spater
Established in honor and recognition of the Reverend G. Richard McKelvey’s 30-plus years of service to the Deerfield Academy baseball program, the annual Spirit Award is given to the player, manager or supporter of Deerfield Academy baseball who has demonstrated a special passion for, and dedication to, the game of baseball.

The Coaches’ Award – John E. Patton

The Coaches’ Award – Rachel H. Mark

The Jerry Daly ’72 Golf Award – Will Richards
This award is given to an exceptional golfer who consistently demonstrated passion, commitment, dedication and sportsmanship to the game of golf.  Like Jerry Daly ’72, those named on this trophy displayed integrity, quiet confidence, embodied the true spirit of the game, and as a result had a significant impact on teammates.

The Benjamin C. Haviland Trophy – Felix Rockefeller
Presented annually to that lacrosse player who, in the opinion of the coach, has by his constant striving contributed most to both the improvement of himself and of his team.

Rhodes Cup – Brian Delduchetto
To be given each year to that outstanding first year member of the Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse team who, in the opinion of the coaches, best displays the leadership, determination, and dedication of Andrew W. Rhodes.

Deerfield Girls Lacrosse Coaches’ Award – Marnie Todd
Given annually to a member of the team who displays character and discipline both on and off the field and accepts any challenge put before her.

The Benjamin C. Haviland Trophy – Charlotte Iler
This bowl is presented in loving memory of Benjamin C. Haviland to that lacrosse player who, in the eyes of the coach, most clearly exemplifies the qualities which were outstanding in his life of dedication to the development of young women athletes.

The Ramsay Cup – Owen Bunton & Meghan Holland
Given through the generosity of Roderick McKay Ramsay ’57, the Ramsay Cup is presented annually to the boy or girl varsity midfielder who excels in all facets of that most difficult position.

The Deerfield Softball Award – Lauryn A. Broecker & Kyra N. Parsons
To the player who contributes most to the spirit of and success of the team over the course of the season.


The Holton Sayce Memorial Award – Jack F. Willet
To that member of the Boys Varsity Tennis team, not necessarily the best player, through his sportsmanlike conduct on the tennis court and by the example set among his teammates, has most nearly exemplified the best that is Deerfield.

Tennis Coaches’ Award – Giorgia M. Santore

The Sara C. Schewe Trophy (MVP) – Olivia W. Waterfall
The Sara C. Schewe Award is given in memory of Sara Schewe, Deerfield Class of 1993. The Award is given to a team MVP.

The Deerfield Academy Track Trophy – Brady Stahelski & Chigozie Oge-Evans
Is given annually to the Most Valuable track team member.

1983 Team Award – Chandler A. Dicks
To that member of the Varsity or JV Track team who, in the opinion of his peers, contributed the most through his dedication to the team and by his encouragement to others.     

The Deerfield Academy Track Trophy – Josephine Louis
To the Most Valuable track team member.

1983 Team Award – Simi H. Lawal
To that member of the Varsity or JV Track team who, in the opinion of her peers, contributed the most through her dedication to the team and by her encouragement to others.  

The Spirit of the Game Award – Jeff Z. Wang

The Coaches’ Award – Natalie T. Zneimer

Thomas Spater ’55 Award – Georgia Sackrey & Jackson Collins
This Award is presented to a senior participant in interscholastic athletics who through perseverance, team spirit and campus citizenship exemplifies the goals of interscholastic athletics and provides a role model for his/her teammates. The recipient can be an active non-varsity or varsity player, a manager, an injured player or anyone who has continued to contribute to the team through his/her perseverance, as well as interest in and dedication to the team concept.

Robert McDermott Award – Rachel Mark
To that senior athlete who, by hard work, determination, and loyalty to Deerfield, best exemplifies the qualities of Bob McDermott ‘73.

The William B. Jaffe Award – Chandler Dicks
To the student who has exhibited courage, leadership, and sportsmanship on the athletic field.

Click here to view the awards photo album.

Congratulations to this spring’s teams!

Go Big Green!