Doors of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s Doors of the Week!

Girls Track & Field – Alex Hermsdorf  ’25

This athlete surprised herself with a sub-27 200m run during the mock meet. She was asked to be an alternate for the 4×100 team and jumped right in when she was needed. She continued to be an integral part of the relay teams and willing to try any event that would help the team. As her running form tightened up throughout the season, she gained more and more confidence and ended the season by being one of the 4 members of the NEPSTA record breaking 4×100 team. We are excited to see what events she tries next year. For her positivity, team first mentality, and impressive strength, the Girls’ Track and Field Door of the Week is Alex Hermsdorf.

Varsity Girls Lacrosse – 2023 Senior Class: Meghan Holland ’23, Tenley Elvekrog ’23, Stella Kerwin-Derrick ’23, Charlotte Iler ’23 & Marnie Todd ’23

The senior class did an outstanding job of leading the 2023 girls varsity lacrosse team.  They were wonderful role models for the rest of the team and consistently maintained a great combination of hard work and fun.  They executed a growth mindset day in and day out, which led to a very successful season with a record of 13-6.  Most importantly, this group had high character and conducted themselves in the best way possible, displaying great sportsmanship at all times.

Ultimate Frisbee – Vivian Gonzalez ’25 and Sarah Sookoo ’25

The Ultimate Doors of the Week are Vivian Gonzalez ’25 and Sarah Sookoo ’25.  Both team members are generous, helpful, and cheerful members of the team.  Vivian was injured for much of the season, but she came down to practice each day with a smile on her face and a willingness to do whatever the team asked of her.  Sarah was our wonderful, hard-working team manager.  She exuded a quiet confidence with regard to her responsibilities, and coaches never had to explain a task or expectation twice.  She kept track of equipment, was always on time, kept game stats like a pro, and soldiered on whether the weather was hot, cold, or rainy.  We are so grateful to both Vivian and Sarah that they have chosen Ultimate as their spring term co-curricular!

JV Baseball – Cormac McDowell ’26

JV Baseball’s DOTW is Cormac McDowell. Cormac hit the ball well towards the end of the year and stepped up to pitch in a few key spots for us. He is a gentle giant who always supports his teammates. We loved coaching him this year!!!

Varsity Baseball – Jake Rohan ’24

After battling injuries for the first half of the season, Jake in typical Deerfield fashion, finished strong! He was 6-7 in our two playoff games, and played outstanding defense.

Music Department – Yoonsa Lee ’25

Yoonsa Lee ’25 showed great leadership as Principal Viola in the music program’s performance of Misa Cubana last week, and is going the extra mile in the final week of the term to prepare music as the violist in the Commencement String Quartet, which will be providing live music for the Commencement ceremony this Sunday as well as the Memorial Day ceremony on Monday.

Theater Department – Will Sussbauer ’23

Throughout everything, Will has been a steadfast and kind leader in our company. They have been a huge help leading warmups and gently keeping everything backstage running smoothly, particularly during this final week. Will is focused, dedicated, and talented. We are lucky to have them in our co-curricular!

JV Girls Lacrosse: Greta Trapp ’24, Georgia Ball ’24, and Mia Goetzke ’24

We nominate Greta Trapp, Georgia Ball, and Mia Goetzke: our 2024 captains!

Go Big Green!