Fall Athletic Awards

Today at School Meeting, the Deerfield community recognized and celebrated 28 fall athletic award winners from all the fall teams.

Athletic Director, Bob Howe began a new tradition and recapped his “Fall Top 10” in poem form.

The snow and the cold has arrived here to stay

So think really hard and get back to that day

When meeting new friends and reuniting with team

Brought so much excitement that it felt like a dream

Here at Deerfield I’ve found traditions from here and then

Today I’ll start a new one with my fall 2016 Top Ten

To make this list you don’t need to be a star

You make this list because we really value you for who you are

At #10 we’ll start with everyone who goes to our games and offers their support

Students and faculty come to each one, but our cheerleaders get the highest grade in this report!

#9 is our athletes of the week on our sports information site

Thanks to Mrs. Barbato and to those athletes trying to do everything just right

At #8 comes something very near and dear to my heart and often not considered hip.

My hat goes off to all in this room who demonstrate good sportsmanship

Next in line coming in at #7 are the programs we at Deerfield call reserve

I’m proud of these teams and all that they do. A much better name is what they deserve!

At #6 let’s recognize program strength and this year we had 2 programs keeping our winning percentage alive.

Boys soccer (4 teams) went 25-9-7 while field hockey (3 teams) went 13-5-5

#5 goes to Coach Emerson and the 6-1 JV Footballing crew

On most days our opponents couldn’t figure out what to do

Our comeback team of the term earns the #4 spot

Boys varsity water polo went 7-1 late in the season out scoring teams by a lot

Girls cross-country comes in at #3 because they were third in Class A

Both programs are strong and folks should know how hard these kids play

Coming in at #2 are the folks in the gym and who attend to our cage

Norm, Darla, and Bernie do so much for you all before you get to the stage

At the top (#1) of my list are those people that make all our lives fuller here

It’s your coaches and athletic personnel that deserve our big cheer!

Now on to the awards and congratulate those few

But always remember for real success you need a big crew!

A complete list of the awards and award winners are listed below.

Reserve Field Hockey        

Most Improved Player – Janice Chen

JV Field Hockey                   

Most Valuable Player – Maddie Blake, Jenna Greenbaum & Valerie Ma

JV Football                             

Most Valuable Player – Levi Constant

Girls Reserve Soccer         

Most Improved Player – Maggie Tydings

Girls JV Soccer                     

Most Valuable Player – Skyler Nuelle

Boys Jr. A Soccer                 

Most Valuable Player – Lowell Weil

Boys Jr. B Soccer                 

Most Improved Player – Peter Marchese

Boys JV Soccer        

Most Valuable Player – Kevin Hendrick & Iqbal Nurjadin

Reserve Volleyball              

Most Improved Player – Kareena Bhakta

JV Volleyball                         

Most Improved Player –  Netanya Jimenez

Most Valuable Player – Soo-Min Lee

JV Water Polo                      

Most Determined Player – Michael Makridis

Boys’ Varsity Cross Country                     

The Moreau C. Hunt Trophy – Hughes Benjamin

Peter C. Brush Award  – William McNamara

Girls’ Varsity Cross Country                     

The Moreau C. Hunt Trophy – Victoria Patterson

Peter C. Brush Award – Marguerite Genereux                 

Varsity Field Hockey                                    

The Deerfield Field Hockey Cup – Elizabeth Wenners

Varsity Football                                              

Thomas Williams Ashley Memorial Award – Jackson Caputo

Frank Dahowski Award – Thomas Hale

Boys’ Varsity Soccer                                     

The Holbrook Ellis Cup – Brian Davis & George Fair

Girls’ Varsity Soccer                                                  

The Marjorie Ellis Cup – Jacqueline Minor & Audrey McManemin

Varsity Volleyball                                           

The Coaches’ Award – Perry Hamm

Varsity Water Polo

The Coaches’ Award – Robert Meyer


Congratulations to all the award winners and fall athletes!