Fall 2019 Athletic Awards

The Deerfield community returned from Thanksgiving break and gathered at School Meeting yesterday to celebrate our fall teams, athletes and coaches, and recognize this fall’s sub-varsity and varsity award winners.

Mr. Howe began the ceremony recapping the fall season and sharing his Top 10 with the audience.


2019 will be a year we’ll remember—one for the books
We took it all from Choate and they left here calling us crooks.
But before we speak more on that, let’s mention this instead
We had a great fall partly because we have a new Head!
We’ve introduced him to Deerfield sports and what it means to bleed green
Let’s keep this going . . . . Let no school intervene!
So on to the countdown, I’ll bet you can’t wait.
Don’t think too hard; don’t jinx your own fate!
We’ll start the countdown by recalling Dr. Austin’s chant
Twice we saw him on a V-I-C T-O-R-Y rant!
I promise not to ask that you do that now and here
But already we can’t wait to hear you again next year.
At nine, I’ve decided to give this to a manager who made a big difference
She has reset the bar and made this role gain significance
Emma Kimble should now stand up and be recognized
You’ve been the best ever as voted by our football coaches and guys.
At number eight, I reserved a spot for all those teams on big rivalry days
St. Paul’s, Loomis, Exeter, and Andover all came and were defeated by your plays
From Quad Squad to all our junior varsity teams each week
You made the school proud with your action and not having to speak.
To all the PG’s sprinkled across all our teams this fall
You’ve outdone yourselves with class and helped everyone stand tall.
You all come in at seven, but there is one of you who gets a little more of my vote
Brendan Kish from Guilford, CT we’re glad you’re here now and not at Choate!
I’ve said this before because I know it to be true
There are some people in this world you nickname “the glue”
Without these three characters we’d all be in a fix
Cathy, Norm and Bernie get my vote at number six
Two teams secured their place coming in at number five
The junior varsity football and quad squad soccer kept their undefeated seasons alive
Spot number four goes to the team that’s always a contender
If you look at their lineup you’ll notice there isn’t one pretender
They are an athletic group that earns their way to the postseason year after year
Field hockey has established themselves as a top program and that’s clear
At number three all our alumni will agree
Choate Day was ours winning 10 games to losing only three
You all made this day great either with your play or your cheer
All of Deerfield came together that day both far and near.
Volleyball earns the two spot for having a breakout year
This team was fun to watch with the sets and the spikes producing fear.
They came together as a team and learned to play for one another
And when this happened this team was one tough mother.
This fall’s top spot should come as no surprise to us
Their Choate win and Bowl victory has to give way to cause a fuss
What pleases me most about the successes they’ve had this year
They met some big obstacles around which they had to steer
They believed in each other, had fun, and learned from one another along the way
That is why Deerfield football is now here to stay
Congratulations to all for this wonderful fall
Remember the lessons we’ve learned along the way
Pay attention to the little things and this will improve your play.

Fall Athletic Awards 2019 from Deerfield Academy on Vimeo.


JV Field Hockey

Most Improved Player: Gabriella Hu
Most Valuable Player: Emma Jaskolski

Reserve Field Hockey

Most Improved Player: Ashley LaBrucherie

JV Football

Most Valuable Player: Bryce Pang

Girls JV Soccer

Most Improved Players: Greer Anderson & Sara Ito-Bagshaw

Girls Reserve Soccer

Most Valuable Players: Amelia Tyler & Valentina Williamson

Boys JV Soccer

Most Improved Player: Ben King
Most Valuable Player: Jack O’Neil

Boys Jr. A Soccer

Most Valuable Player: Alex Strait

Boys Jr. B Soccer

Most Improved Player: Tysean Price
Most Valuable Player: Jack Chorske

JV Volleyball

Most Improved Player: Megan Ng
Most Valuable Player: Elena Lu

Thirds Volleyball

Most Improved Player: Mia Calcano
Most Valuable Player: Lily Lin

JV Water Polo

Most Determined Player: Wyatt Browne



Boys Cross Country

The Moreau C. Hunt Trophy: Thomas Lyons

Awarded to the varsity runner who, in embodying the spirit of our coach, Moreau C. Hunt, was not afraid to realize his own full potential and whose personal interest never rose above those of his team.

Peter C. Brush Award: Jacob Meier

To honor the enthusiasm and love of the sport shown by Peter Brush, this award is given to the runner who, in the opinion of his teammates, has contributed the most to team morale.

Girls Cross Country

The Moreau C. Hunt Trophy: Erin Howe

Awarded to the varsity runner who, in embodying the spirit of our coach, Moreau C. Hunt, was not afraid to realize her own full potential and whose personal interest never rose above those of her team.

Peter C. Brush Award: Jean Jin

To honor the enthusiasm and love of the sport shown by Peter Brush, this award is given to the runner who, in the opinion of her teammates, has contributed the most to team morale.

Varsity Field Hockey

The Deerfield Field Hockey Cup: Muffy Mazambani

To that member of the field hockey team who, with a positive spirit, gave her best effort to the game every moment she was on the field.

Varsity Football

Thomas Williams Ashley Memorial Award: William Savage

In memory of Thomas Williams Ashley, Class of 1911. “He played the Game”

Frank Dahowski Award: Caleb Newman

“In the spirit and memory of Frank Dahowski”

Boys Varsity Soccer

The Holbrook Ellis Cup: Benjamin Diffley

To that member of the team who, in the opinion of the players and coaches contributed the most to the success of the team (awarded annually since 1923).

Girls Varsity Soccer

The Marjorie Ellis Cup (formerly “The 1989 Award”): Annie Kane & Annabel Gerber

To that player, by their exemplary skill, sportsmanship, and devotion to their teammates, has made a significant contribution to the varsity soccer team.

Varsity Volleyball

The Coaches’ Award: Camila Navarro-Delavega

Awarded to the player who provides leadership on and off the court, has achieved a high level of technical skill, and brings pride to the team and Deerfield through her play and sportsmanship.

Boys Varsity Water Polo

The Water Polo Award: Carter Weymouth

They played and led with poise and purpose.

Congratulations to all fall teams and award winners!

Go Big Green!