Fall 2018 Athletic Awards

The Deerfield community gathered for School Meeting yesterday to celebrate the achievements and efforts of our fall teams and to recognize this fall’s thirty-one sub-varsity and varsity award winners at the Athletic Awards ceremony.

Before delivering his seasonal Top 10, Mr. Howe reflected on what it means to be a great teammate. Using the recent example, exhibited by Alabama’s back-up quarterback Jalen Hurts in the SEC Championship football game between the University of Alabama and the University of Georgia.

Nearly a year ago in the National Championship game, Hurts was unceremoniously replaced at half by then back-up quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. In his replacement, Tua led the team to a come-from-behind stunning 26-24 victory and claimed the role of Alabama’s starting quarterback for this 2018 season. With over 11 minutes to play in this year’s SEC Championship game, Tua went down with an injury when Alabama was under performing and trailing Georgia by seven points. Hurts entered the game and orchestrated two straight touchdown drives en route to Alabama’s comeback win and SEC title. Throughout the season, Hurts played the role of backup and supported his teammates and coaches, while striving to make himself better and was ready to seize the opportunity when given.

Moreover, Mr. Howe shared with the audience his pillars to being a great teammate.

You control effort. Your teachers, coaches and dorm residents should not have to coach effort. You might not like where you stand within the lineup, but you can control how hard you will play. When you give things your best effort not only will you benefit but so will the others around you.

Be unselfish. Acts of kindness and thinking of others makes our community better. It makes a dorm community more closely-knit. It’s a key ingredient on a successful team.

Be honest. Great relationships are built on honesty. People near you need to know they can trust you during the ups and downs of a season or school year.

Be humble. Always remember that TEAM comes first. Be grateful towards others. Take time to acknowledge their contributions. If you are uncomfortable using words let your actions speak for themselves. Go down the hall and knock on someone’s door that isn’t there for a feed. Sit next to someone in class who you don’t know well and often sits alone. Contribute to someone else’s experience once a day.

Hold yourself and teammates accountable. YOU can’t have a negative attitude, and when a friend or colleague crosses that line are you willing to reach out to them to help your team as a whole? Or do you do the easy thing and talk about them or just let them carry on?

Strive to improve. Work to improve your skills. Stay and work after practice, burn the midnight oil, and see how many teammates start to join you.

Be optimistic. Don’t be someone constantly complaining about what’s wrong. Look for the positives in any situation. Bring suggested improvements to the table. I love hearing about a problem from a colleague who offers a remedy. This creates discussion. Anything less is just complaining. Teammates look for solutions.

Be respectful. Remember we are all teammates on this campus. Clean up after yourself. Look people in the eye. Encourage and cheer on your friend and teammate. Creating a culture of mutual respect is important. I think we do that well here but there is always room for improvement.

Anyone can be a leader. A great teammate is a leader. Each one of you has the ability to lead in some capacity. Bring energy to everything you do. It’s infectious and this simple act has leadership qualities.

Be resilient. Any temporary setback or loss, presents an opportunity to grow, to learn and improve from. Don’t make excuses, look for solutions. In any situation, one player’s positive outlook, one student’s initiative, can make a huge difference in the room.

Take responsibility. All of your actions, within a team or class, and away from them, are representative of your school, your organization and of your family. Take responsibility for your behavior and actions at all times. You never know who is looking at you for the cues on how to behave.

At the end of his post-game interview following the 2018 SEC Championship victory, Alabama head coach Nick Saban said, “You have to have a tremendous amount of class and character to be that committed to putting others first. Being a great teammate is the most important thing we can ask of these kids.” Mr. Howe responded, “I couldn’t agree more.”


It is the week before break as we all sit here in the Hess

I’ll share this Fall’s Top Ten which I hope will impress.

The cadence and style are familiar to most all

But new arrivals to the list help to make this a most unique fall!

To make this great list you’ve contributed to the school in a significant way

We want to say thanks, never stop and keep on giving with every day.

This fall the deeds were plentiful and a limit of just 10 is a crime

I’ve been toiling for weeks because there just isn’t enough time… And it all needs to rhyme!

At number 10 – If you made an all-league team, I’ll now ask you to stand

You’ve been recognized as some of the best in the land.

Coming in at number 9, we all know a good manager when we see one

J.P. Patton, Colin Olson top a list of many this fall who just get the job done.

For their contributions to a team, all good managers are a part of why you won.

Slot number 8 goes to those sub varsity teams whose successes were among the best.

J.V. Football, J..V Field Hockey and reserve Field Hockey combined won nearly every contest.

A special shutout to Jackson, Jonathan, Jack, Sai, Lucy, Jada, Dominique, and Fourth for your leadership to the rest.

We had three teams make the post season. They were water polo, field hockey and volleyball.

These three get the 7th spot for having a great fall

At number 6 I want to recognize good teams that on Choate Day never get their due

Both cross-country teams and water polo got big wins against the gold and blue.

I think we should count those games too…..don’t you?

This year’s Choate Day was split down the middle in contests at 5-5-1

For me this day was won because our student body showed how to have class and have fun

Number 5 goes to our cheerleaders for getting this done.

Number 4 goes to the field hockey team for winning the western New England League.

With their early season win over Hotchkiss we saw grit and no fatigue.

Footlocker National team, New England’s top runner and a rampant course-breaking spree

Let’s give it up for Victoria earning spot number 3.

At number 2 we have an obvious choice, an event we all waited so long for.

The grand opening of the new athletic space – in late October we walked through the door!

The top spot this fall is reserved for a special group.

Without their skills and positive spirit our teams would have been short a loop

I want to say thanks to the senior class and their commitment to our school.

As captains, stars or role players – you’ve shown others team sports are cool.

So on to the winter – one term down and 2 to go.

Enjoy every moment – because this year won’t go by slow.



JV Field Hockey   

Most Improved Player: Anne Brown & Alissa Zhang

Most Valuable Player: Emma Jaskolski

Reserve Field Hockey

Most Improved Player: Lily Zeng

JV Football

Most Valuable Players: Sai Dulam, Jackson Palmer & Jack Trapp

Girls JV Soccer

Most Valuable Player: Kikka Giudici

Girls Reserve Soccer

Most Improved Player: Grace Honos

Boys JV Soccer 

Most Improved Player: Andy Han

Most Valuable Player: Alex Alijani & Cosmo Hunt

Boys Jr. A Soccer

Most Valuable Player: Alex Strait

Boys Jr. B Soccer

Most Improved Player: Ford Holmen

Most Valuable Player: Will Stultz

JV Volleyball

Most Improved Player: Elena Lu

Most Valuable Player: Madeline Lee

JV Water Polo

Most Determined Player: Stuart Grow



Boys Cross Country

The Moreau C. Hunt Trophy: Ricardo V. Gonzalez, IV

Awarded to the varsity runner who, in embodying the spirit of our coach, Moreau C. Hunt, was not afraid to realize his own full potential and whose personal interest never rose above those of his team.

Peter C. Brush Award: Thomas J. Dillon

To honor the enthusiasm and love of the sport shown by Peter Brush, this award is given to the runner who, in the opinion of his teammates, has contributed the most to team morale.

Girls Cross Country

The Moreau C. Hunt Trophy: Victoria V. Patterson

Awarded to the varsity runner who, in embodying the spirit of our coach, Moreau C. Hunt, was not afraid to realize her own full potential and whose personal interest never rose above

those of her team.

Peter C. Brush Award: Gemma R.A. Bishop & Ely B. Burke

To honor the enthusiasm and love of the sport shown by Peter Brush, this award is given to the runner who, in the opinion of her teammates, has contributed the most to team morale.

Varsity Field Hockey

The Deerfield Field Hockey Cup: Meredith F. Heaney

To that member of the field hockey team who, with a positive spirit, gave her best effort to the game every moment she was on the field.

Varsity Football

Thomas Williams Ashley Memorial Award: Garrett A. Alexander

In memory of Thomas Williams Ashley, Class of 1911. “He played the Game”

Frank Dahowski Award: Bayard T. DeMallie, IV

“In the spirit and memory of Frank Dahowski”

Boys Varsity Soccer

The Holbrook Ellis Cup: Jackson B. Pitcher

To that member of the team who, in the opinion of the players and coaches contributed the most to the success of the team (awarded annually since 1923).

Girls Varsity Soccer

The Marjorie Ellis Cup (formerly “The 1989 Award”): Bailey J. Cheetham

To that player, by their exemplary skill, sportsmanship, and devotion to their teammates, has made a significant contribution to the varsity soccer team.

Varsity Volleyball

The Coaches’ Award: Georgia G. Quesnelle

Awarded to the player who provides leadership on and off the court, has achieved a high level of technical skill, and brings pride to the team and Deerfield through her play and sportsmanship.

Boys Varsity Water Polo

The Water Polo Award: Henry J.W. Lowe & Graham N. O’Brien

They played and led with poise and purpose.


Congratulations to all the fall 2018 award winners and teams for a great season!

Go Big Green!