Doors of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s Doors of the Week! Keep up the great work!

Varsity Field Hockey: Lauren Smith ’24
The varsity FH DOTW is Lauren Smith ’24. Lauren earned shutouts in her first two games and had an outstanding game in net against Hotchkiss, as she made several big saves and communicated effectively with her defensive unit. She is a humble, hard-working kid and we are fortunate to have her leadership on our back line. Keep up the great work, Lauren!

Boys Cross-Country: Justin Ahn ’24
Door of the Week goes to Justin Ahn ’24 for stepping up to join the team for the timed mile on Saturday morning. Not only did he guest-star on a very challenging day, he also ran a competitive, smart mile. While Justin is not on the XC team’s roster, he did exhibit exactly the kind of bravery and spirit that represents the best of the XC team.

JV Field Hockey: Josephine Cramer ’24
JV Field Hockey would like to nominate on of our captains Josephine Cramer as this week’s Door of The Week. Josephine is a natural leader. She has been integral to creating a team culture that celebrates dedication, focus, and hard work, as well as good humor and playfulness. As coaches, we see every day how her unfailing positivity and generosity has touched every person on our team. On the field, she is the core of our defense. She’s like a brick wall – impenetrable! In our first game against Berkshire, Josephine (who was playing left back) assisted the only goal of the game via a pass from the right sideline in our offensive half. If that doesn’t speak to her ability to be everywhere and anywhere on the field when needed, I don’t know what does. Her hustle is unmatched. That being said, she also knows when and how to play a supporting role so that another player can step into the spotlight. In our game against Hotchkiss, Jo left everything she had on the field. Her persistence and grit, even when she was running on empty, wowed us. We feel so incredibly lucky to have Jo on our team, and we know her spirit will stick with us for years to come.

Girls Varsity Volleyball: Sophie Kamil ’26
Door of the week this week goes to Sophie Kamil. Kamil joined the team as a new sophomore this year, and quickly found a spot on the starting lineup. Sophie has a brought great blocking and strong offensive presence with her serving and hits out of the middle. Kamil is always eager to celebrate the achievements of her teammates, while pushing herself to be the best player she can be. We look forward to seeing Kamil develop as she gains experience as a crucial member of an elite DA team.

Varsity Football: Zell Lassiter ’24
The football team’s DOTW is Zell Lassiter. Zell led the Deerfield Varsity Football Team to a victory and a 2-0 start to the season with his explosive plays on the offensive side of the ball.  He is a threat to score every time that he touches the football and that showed with 3 touchdowns in the game 2 receiving and 1 on a 65 yard run in the 4th quarter to put the game out of reach.  Zell had 6 catches for 137 yards along with 4 carries for 93 yards on the day.  With that stat line he is definitely the type of player that you would want on your fantasy team!  We are looking forward to seeing keep pacing the DA offense.

Sports Broadcasters: Adam Lipman ’24, Landon Whayne ’24, Jake Rohan ’24, Reagan Warren ’27, Fletcher Waterman ’24 & Johnny Monty ’24
Less than a month into the fall term, the sports media broadcasters have started the season on a high note. With only a few games announced so far, their dedication and enthusiasm to highlight Deerfield teams has been very impressive through the broadcasts.  They have been super positive and optimistic, and are putting in a lot of time into their preparation based on the depth of their insights of Deerfield teams. Keep up the great work!

Girls Cross-Country: Holly Bernstein ’26 and Olivia Port ’26
The XC doors of the week are Holly Bernstein and Olivia Port for going above and beyond at the Source to Sea river cleanup this past Saturday. These intrepid trash collectors dove into bushes, emerging with brooms, bottles, and other bits and pieces held aloft. They were an inspiration to the rest of us!

Boys Junior A Soccer: Sammy Sullivan ’25
The big story early in the Boys Thirds season has been how quickly the team has jelled and how quickly and autonomously the players go about their business. This has everything to do with the leadership and example of the team captains, a role Sammy has stepped into with confidence and skill. He has a high soccer IQ and, both in the huddle and on the field, gives sharp, easy-to-understand feedback to his teammates to help them perform up to their abilities. His own soccer skills have continued to develop, which accounts for a good deal of this young, small team’s early success. A short bench means Sammy is planning more than twice the minutes he got last year, and in each of our first three games, he’s used his skill at stepping to the ball and heads-up distributing to staunch opponents’ drives and give Deerfield back the momentum. On Wednesday, he helped create an early-season highlight when his perfectly placed kick from deep assisted the game-winning goal in the final minutes of the Loomis game.

Girls Varsity Soccer: Allie Corrieri ’25
Allie Corrieri is the girls varsity soccer Door of the Week. Allie was very influential in both if this week’s games. She was a major ball winner vs KUA, had an excellent shot on goal, and worked to screen her center backs and support the midfield in both games, moving the ball side to side. Great work, Allie!

Girls JV Volleyball: Silvie Sobotka ’26
Silvie Sobotka ’26 stepped in during a tense moment in the third set in our tough match against Loomis, and through the rest of the game she consistently put up effective sets to position her teammates to take swings. Not only that, but she proved to have a secret weapon tough-to-receive serve. So far this season, she has demonstrated her coachability and willingness to get out of her comfort zone to learn the sport, and her progress is impressive.

Go Big Green!