Doors of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s Doors of the Week!

Varsity Field Hockey: Lila DeLuca ‘24
Lila Deluca ’24 is the varsity field hockey DOTW. Lila embodies what it means to be a great teammate – she is hard-working, committed, positive, and always smiling. She embraces challenges, as evidenced by the fact that she took the SAT on Saturday morning and then made the long drive to Exeter to quickly warm-up and jump into action on our defensive unit. Not only did she play great in the game, but she is always lifting her teammates up and making them feel more confident and poised. We thank Lila for her contributions so far this season and look forward to her continued leadership in our upcoming games!

Conditioning for Athletes: Lance Roberts ‘25
Lance Roberts 2025, takes on every class with focus, riveting determination and applies excellent listening skills. His focus and willingness to go the extra mile supports and grounds the group and allows others to fully engage and commit to improving skills.  Lance exemplifies what a Deerfield student is all about.​

Boys Water Polo: Chris Zeng ’26
Chris Zeng ’26 started to come into his own as young polo player in the past two weeks.  He’s scored goals twice in the varsity games in limited action.  More crucially for his development as a scorer on offense and a stopper on defense, he played with savvy and speed in longer stretches in the junior varsity contests. His teammates already follow his lead.

Music: Lillian Regal ‘24
In addition to being a solid rock at the foundation of the Deerfield Orchestra’s string section, bassist Lilian Regal is always the last person to leave the Concert Hall after our Tuesday night rehearsals, ensuring that every chair and music stand from our 55-piece ensemble is stacked and put away. The orchestra would not be the same without her!

Varsity Football: Cole Geer ’25
Cole Geer is the DOTW for his efforts in the Varsity Football game against Suffield Academy.  Cole continues to lead the offensive attack with his pinpoint accuracy, strong arm athleticism in space.  Cole completed 20 of 38 passes for 435 yards and 3 passing touchdowns in the exciting come from behind double overtime contest.  The sophomore QB has been impressive through 3 games and we are excited to watch him compete at home again this weekend.

Strength & Conditioning: Olivia Waterfall ’23
For this week Strength and Conditioning is nominating Olivia Waterfall, Olivia is a senior who has done nothing but work hard and stay focused every time she enters into the Fitness Center. Olivia has not missed a single lift this fall and that is a positive reflection of why she is this weeks DOTW.

Girls Varsity Volleyball: Avery Brooker ’24
The door of the week for varsity VB this week goes to Avery Brooker. Avery was described as the “epitome of DA volleyball spirit” by one of her teammates earlier this year. She has been working hard every practice to improve her approach and middle hitting. Despite coming off an injury, Avery has remained a big part of the team dynamic. Congratulations Avery.

Girls Varsity Soccer: Anna Dyjach ‘24
This week’s girls varsity soccer Door of the Week is Anna Dyjach ‘24. Anna is a tireless worker and versatile soccer player. She has welcomingly accepted jumping into a new position this season and has made an impact for the Big Green with her eagerness to learn, her work rate, joy for the game and desire to contribute. This week she recorded her first two goals of the season and her Deerfield career in the team’s victory over Pomfret. Keep up the great work, Anna!

Boys JV Soccer: Luca Lyons ’26
Luca has grown a lot on this team. He has preferred the open spaces on the wings, but has recently leaned into the team’s need for him in the midfield, where he must focus more on possession and quick combinations in tight spaces. He has worked hard in keep-away games in practice, been vocal and positive with feedback toward his teammates, and has contributed from the bench in games. In our game vs Kent on Saturday, his hard work paid off as he scored two goals from the attacking midfield position, one with each foot and on his brithday no less. He took his defensive assignment seriously, working to dispossess and distribute and even took some overlapping runs on the wing. In short, Luca has become more focused on what the team has needed from him and has adjusted his game accordingly. This sort of maturity and team-centered attitude is just what we need!

Boys Jr A Soccer: Shogo O’Connor ’25
Returner Shogo O’Connor has quickly earned the respect of his teammates for his skilled play and humble attitude. He has taught us all the steadying, pace-setting potential of the holding midfielder position. With his exemplary touch and advanced field awareness, Shogo catches and distributes ball with the precision of a surgeon. We’re excited to have his leadership and team-first approach carry us through the season.

Boys Jr. B Soccer: Michael Clifford-Levy ’26
Our DOTW is Michael Clifford-Levy. Michael has given us a ton of quality minutes at right wing. He’s our go-to for corner kicks and free kicks and has assisted on or scored on several key goals.

Go Big Green!