Doors of the Week

Congratulations to our first Doors of the Week for the Fall 2021 season!

Girls JV Volleyball: Elena Lu ’22
The door of the week goes to Elena Lu, who has been a vital part of the team for years. Elena immediately stepped into a leadership role in tryouts and in practice. Her teammates elected her as one of the captains by an overwhelming majority, and it is clear she will flourish in the role. She backs up her leadership skills with aggressive hitting, and determined defense, which will be sure to win many points over the season. Congratulations Elena.

Boys JV Soccer: Brady Read ’24
Brady came off the bench for an injured center back and played extremely well. He hadn’t been playing center back in practice at all, so he had to learn on the fly. He consistently disrupted the opponents’ attack while bringing a physical, yet balanced, pressure to the ball. His high energy and commitment to his teammates gave the whole team a boost.

Boys Cross-Country: Robbie Hua ’24
Robbie Hua ’24 earns Door of the Week for his smart, tenacious, and gritty workout this past Saturday. It was a hot, hard run of 1 mile repeats at threshold pace with 2 minutes of rest—enough to break even the toughest athletes—but Robbie did a fantastic job of staying cool under pressure and trusting his pace. He ran 4 strong intervals, in addition to the 2 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down; a great day for Robbie and a great example for the team!

Girls Thirds Volleyball: Carson Stultz ’24
This week the coaches would like to shout out sophomore Carson Stultz for her dedication and enthusiasm. Carson has made it clear from day one that she is serious about volleyball through her focus from warmups to the last point of our daily scrimmages. She volunteers regularly to be a setter for our drills, listens carefully during instruction, and sets a high standard for teamwork. We look forward to continuing to work with Carson throughout the season and to see her continue to grow as a player!

Boys Water Polo: Erol Barrett ‘22
Erol Barrett ’22 has been leading his teammates with great spirit in the early practices. He sets a great example by committing fully to each drill and willingly partners with younger players to help them master basic techniques.

Varsity Field Hockey: Sam Parker ’23
Our “Door of the Week” is Sam Parker. Sam is managing varsity field hockey this season and he has done a terrific job so far. He is responsible, reliable, and always on time! We really appreciate his positive attitude and look forward to working with him throughout the fall!

Girls Cross-Country: Abby Fernald ’22
Abby Fernald is the door of the week for the girls xc team. She is a consistently positive and motivating presence, and despite injury and illness, she always shows up to practice ready to help and inspire. Just in the last week, she has led team strength and conditioning sessions, encouraged people to explore their running potential, and has offered to speak to anyone is who is unsure about racing or has questions about a specific course. It is clear to all of us how much Abby cares about this xc team, and we are grateful for her presence on it!

Boys Fourths Soccer: Nikhil Lebaka ’24
The DOTW for quad squad this week is Nikhil Lebaka. As one of the few returners on the team, Nikhil not only brings a lot of enthusiasm and effort to the field, but he’s also been great helping some of the younger students adjust. We’ve already seen improvement from him on the field and we’re looking for him to be one of the leaders once we start playing actual games next week.

Boys Varsity Soccer: Tynan Creagh ’22
Door of the week has to be Tynan Creagh. His compete level and general enthusiasm for the game is making us all better. He is completely selfless and consistently acts only in the best interest of the team.

Football: Geoffrey Jamiel ’22
Led the team offensively making big catches and explosive runs after the catch. Scored 2 touchdowns and did not come off of the field for the big green.

Girls Varsity Soccer: Morgan Moriarty ’22
Morgan Moriarty if this week’s Door of the Week. Morgan always brings her positive energy to every practice along with her tireless work ethic. She is a leader by example and she is always supporting her teammates. We look forward to Morgan continuing to help lead our team this season! Keep up the great work, Morgan!

Go Big Green!